Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sit in the Back of the Class assignment 1&2

I have decided to do some more photography in this year.

I have joined up with a community on Google + called
Sit In The Back Of The Class with Chrysta Rae.

Each week +Alan Shapiro gives +Chrysta Rae an assignment which she then shares with us.
Alan critiques Chrysta's work and may come over and look at your work as well if he has time.

We need to have 6 shots

Assignment 1- Letter A
these are my submissions. (only got 5)

well it is


A, eh?

Adorable Abigail

Assignment 2 - Bathroom

bonus image of Zeke hanging out with me as I pee

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New bathrooms... finally

When we moved into this house, 4 years ago, it was very "old lady-ish"

(I went to look for those pictures of when we first moved in but it seems that Dave deleted them all. grr)

This is all I could find. 

This is the larger bathroom that the guests use. 
 lovely right?

 so we pulled off the wall paper
 got all new plumbing in the whole house in Oct 2011 and the shower was done by Bath Fitter in 2010 (i think)
 and finally in Dec 2012 we got a new counter and sink and floor.
 My friend Courtney painted the brown and blue in Jan 2012
 so much fresher
 love the floor and counter top.

Now for the second bathroom.
This is one Dave and I use and the kids get baths in.

This one required more work.
found this pic of the wallpaper that was in here before

ad looking from freshly removed walpaper hallway. now this whole section looks good!!

(I almost forgot to get a before shot- so here it is with just the toilet and sink gone)
 My plant in the corner loved it and started to grow in the wall and put out roots.
 nice red tiles right? we had them removed and new drywall put over them.
 does your medicine cabinet have an odd little slot in the back? ours did.
Do you know what its for? I didn't.  Apparently it was a razor slot, so people could just dump down their old razors into the wall.. because why not? we had 10 or so razors in our wall.
 this bathtub was also redone by Bath Fitter in 2010 so it didnt need to be done.
 Our Handy Man Dale. Everyone should have a Handy Man. They are handy to have.

So he put the mirror in while I was gone for the morning and put it a little too high. I could only see from my nose up.
 notice the space (or lack of space) between the light and mirror?
 now there is more room and another light and a vent.
 the mirror is actually meant to go over a toilet. Dale recessed it into the wall for us so we could have a lot more storage space.

 I was going to paint this room the same as the other bathroom but the night before painting I was thinking of it and decided a buttery yellow would be much better.
 We got a new Euro sink vanity. the way the cabinet recesses under the sink gave us much more floor space. great for when trying to be on your knees and bathing kids in the tub.
 New light fixture. (good thing the mirror was lowered) and accessories
 new floor- same as the other bathroom.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year in Review 2012

In January I finally completed a quilt top. It was for friends whose baby was born 6 weeks early and was in the hospital for a while.

 February brought me to a baby shower for a wife of a co-worker who was having a baby boy:

Zeke got a thomas quilt from mommy for his new bedroom!

(you can even see a bit of my pregnant belly in the stripped shirt

another baby shower for Christina!

and yet another baby quilt for Anna. There were 4 (local) that I knew that were all due roughly the same time I was.

In April I made my first bag:

And a quilt for my own baby girl:

and then I made this:

In June My quilt guild had a challenge quilt for the yearly get together "The Salad Supper"

And I also made a baby quilt for Meredith.
I loved it so much I have bought the same material to make myself one!

Then in July April was having a baby boy who had a sailboat theme. It was not easy to find sailboats the day I was looking for fabric.

In August we went to Canada for 3 weeks and I made this quilt while I was at my mom and dads.
I have since donated it to my quilt guilds Robin's Nest stash of quilts.

I was also able to make my sister an apron by request with no pattern.

While we were in Canada my friend Amy had a baby girl. I was very excited that I got to meet her before we went home and give her this quilt:

In September I made a bag to keep in the car to put Zekes cars into to keep them contained. 

In October a friend from church was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The first thing that popped in my head was to make a prayer/ healing quilt.
So I got members from church to add verses, and sayings to blocks and made her a quilt and gave it to her after her first chemo treatment.

In December I made a quilt for my neighbour Natasha. 

Ok- I made more quilts than I thought I did. This January I am planning to organize my quilting space. It has not been looked at since I dumped things here from moving Zeke into the guest room taking away my quilting area. 

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