Sunday, March 27, 2011

inside-out quilt

(AKA-No Binding Quilt)
OK- I dont know what this method really is called. Im sure it has a name. 

This was the very first quilt type I made two years ago.
Its great for a fluffier quilt- like a tied quilt. 

Thsi black and white quilt story can be found here

1. layer batting and back and front (right sides together)

2. baste either with pins or thread. 

3. sew all the way around with a 1/4 inch on the top
(i pinned most- but wanted this side to be straighter so I thread basted it.)

4. DO NOT forget to leave an opening.... dont ask me how I know....
10-12 inches? would work

5. Trim to the top 1/4 inch

6. Trim corners- gives a sharper corner.

7. pull corners into the middle of quilt and then pull though opening

8. there you have it

9. I dont have the pictures- but you then need to blind stitch the opening shut

10. baste and quilt. (I hope to do this in the next little bit and not be a WIP too much longer)

I will likely be tying the middle and quilting the sashing. I havent decided too much yet with this one. 

Ikea shelf

I wanted to take out Baileys cage. But I used it for storing the dirty bibs on it. 
I needed a replacement.

 I searched online and a few stores looking for the perfect replacement- its hard!!
I thought about coffee tables, end tables, hutches... all manor of storage.

I went to Ikea (1.5 hours away) when I picked up Dave from the airport (only 15 min away from ikea)
We saw about 3 or 4 things we could use but we knew we found the right thing.

As you know- Ikea has great uses of Allen keys- and if you have ever put something together using them- your hands hurt afterwards!
Looks at this plastic piece that came with the allen key- its removable so you can use either side of the allen key. 

Here is is in use! 
Top bin for washclothes
middle bin for clean bibs
bottom bin for dirty bibs!

Im so happy!
Yay, Ikea!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook homemade challenge #5

This is it!
 I have completed my Facebook challenge in less than 3 months! (I did have them done and mailed by 2 but just posting the last one now)

Back in January I decided to do the Facebook Homemade Challenge.

I have already posted
#1 for Paula
# 2 for Leslie
# 3 for Kendra

#4 for Debb

This was for a facebook friend I didnt know very well, Brittany from Inspired Life Photography.
She took pictures of Zeke once and for those who received our Christmas card- She was the one who took that Photo.

Her request was black, white, and yellow. 
So I asked if she liked bees. She said yes!

Can you see the mistake in the black quilting in the bottom one?

Looking at it now-  I should have used a higher contrast yellow from the bee fabric instead of a matching one. 
Oh well!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

husband cheat card

ok- Nan at Pots and Pins is giving away a quilt. To enter you had to go to her guest post at Sew We Quilt@Stash Manicure and comment there and go back to hers and post there.

I you really should go check out this post and read why she did this.

But I will share with you the best part!

Husband's Quilting Comment Card
(To be memorized and used whenever and 
where ever fabric is involved.)
 1.  I love your use of color - it speaks to me.
 2.  What a unique choice of fabric!
 3.  That quilt reminds me of my grandma!
 4.  Where shall we put it?  In the entry?
 5.  Can I take it to work to hang it in my office?
 6.  I want a picture of you holding it.
 7.  Did you strip piece this?  Will you strip for me?
 8.  Your stippling has really improved!
 9.  It just makes me want to curl up in it!
10. It's your best quilt yet - definitely my fav!

( a print out with  compliments )

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have a Cuppa tea

I got my tea!!

Back in February I was just about out and asked people to help me out.
One of my friends let me know that I could get it on Amazon.

I actually got her to order it for me (since she has Prime) and it came this week!!
Thanks Deborah!!!

My husband blogged about tea here 
check out this link to a fun video.

Signs of Spring

These just grow wild in my yard

Nectarine Tree on Tuesday
Nectarine  tree on Monday

of course

plenty more to bloom


Time to cut the grass!!
Its knee high!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

free motion

I have a sewing machine that was pretty cheap at Walmart.

I recently bought a free motion foot for it and decided to give it a try today.

first attempt. Not so good. This was the back.

the front (well i flipped it over first to make it show on this side)

my machine

oh look! #35 is for quilting (see the little Q)

this is where I switched from regular stitch (on upper left of seam ripper) 
to the quilting stitch (right of seam ripper)
Much better!

the front

Still a few mistakes- but MUCH better

Any tips of tricks for free motion quilting?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy National Quilters Day!

In Zekes 3 hour nap yesterday I did a lot of ironing and cutting!
I also got the rows together for this quilt.

Today during his nap, I got the rows pieced together. 

 This will be the back for it.

I may have gone a bit overboard when looking for pink and green fabric!

I grabbed a bit of blue from my stash and got this one cut out 

and another of the same in pink and green.

Leftovers from the yards/ half yards that I bought! 

So guess what my friends who are expecting baby girls are going to get?

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's day with Zeke

1st clip- i tried to catch his new "face"
got it in the second one.
3rd clip - his dad does that finger thing when excited and is being funny, Zeke picked it up. the sounds are all his own.
4th- man- rocking a horse is serious work until I see mommy smile :

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Im seeing spots

Well my camera is.

see it?

it mocks me in zoom

look at it grow


actually it is really annoying!
Its in every once of my pictures today. IM not sure how it got there- but I'm pretty sure its from keeping my point and shoot in my pocket.

Does anyone know who or where to get this cleaned?
I have no idea. 
I suposed I could Google it- but its funner to ask you!
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