Monday, July 29, 2013

Zeke Singing in his Room

"when you wake up in the morning...
and you wait in your room...
for your mommy and daddy...
to bring you eeeggggsss....."

then a rendition of rockabye baby

"vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, Oh I like vinegar on my stuff"

"I am a lollipop, i am a lollipop. I colour on paper with markers"

"i am playing with my train set, and when i colour on paper, I colour on paper. Oh I will colour paper"

"and I need new batteries from the store"

"I am Zekey, I am Zekey, 
I like lollipops, 
I have lots of blankets, 
I have a purse, 
I will fill it up with abbys stuff, 
I will put it by my bed, 
the best bed in the whole wide world"

the songs change in pitch and they also get a warble at the last word too 

this kid cracks me up. I love listening to him play. his cars and trains get into all kinds of fun situation and they are polite and help each other out out. and then crash

does this work as a video?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quilting Adventures: New England Quilt Museum

I had a day in Massachusetts where +Dave DeBaeremaeker got to go geocaching with friends. 

This left me with both kids until dinner time. I looked to see the area they were in for quilt shops but I did notice that there was the New England Quilt Museum 

As I drove Dave to his friends house I also noticed a splash pad. 

This made my plans with the kids clear. 

First I took the kids to the museum for about an hour and then we went to the splash pad for lunch and splashing. We then went back to the hotel and then to the friends parents place to play in the pool. 
Im thinking of a  quilt something like this for my bed in different colours

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quilting Adventures: Quilt shops

We just got back from a 3 week road trip. Dave did a lot of caching but I did manage to get a couple things in.

One of the places I got to visit was a cute quilt shop in PEI called Quilting B & More.

I got these fabrics to maybe make a queen quilt for my bedroom. I havent brought them into my room yet to see if they work.
The second one on the top was the one I started with. 
I bought the bottom ones to remind me of this trip. I think I should be able to sneak some into that same quilt. 

The other shop I got to visit was Keepsake Quilting.
They are known around the states and beyond with their mail ordering and catalogue. 

Abigail enjoyed petting the fabric.

lots of fabric

the wall to the right has the discounted fabric (where I got most of mine)

the fabric I bought there. The wrapped ones were the discounted ones and the grey one was yardage I bought. 
The prices were a bit more than I would normally spend unless I LOVED the fabric, hence the discounted ones. 

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