Monday, March 22, 2021

A quilt for the house

I wanted to do a fairly easy fun and done quilt. 
I didnt have a plan for it but decided later it would be for the house and probably for Abigail's bed. 

this was an Elenor Burns Quilt in a day "How charming" pattern. I of course had to edit it. I chose to make it bigger 7x8 blocks instead of 5x7 blocks. 

I chose 3 charm packs i had that looked like they would sorta go together. 

I decided on the green plaid as my background as the charms didnt have much green in them. I was a bit nervous about how it would show up over a big quilt. 

It was looking pretty good. I put the two borders on it and sent it off to be quilted. 

Here it is all done! it turned out great! the preen was perfect!

different green on back


fun rounded loopy squares for quilting. 

and the kids fighting over it! lol


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