Sunday, February 26, 2012

quilt and a shower

A bunch of the Google wives get together for crafts or as a mommy and me kind of group. We dont know all the wives but when we find someone we havent met yet we try to make an effort to get to know them. 

This brings us to Kim.
She and her hubby have been here for a while, but we didnt know her.
Turns out she is a vet at a local clinic that many of us take our pets to. 

She is due in March so we decided to throw her a baby shower and get to know her better. 
We just went to a local restaurant for foods and gifts :)

So as I usually do- I made a quilt. 

signed- in green thread so you cant really see it. 

backed and bound in Ikea fabric


And pictures from the lunch. 

look forward to getting to you know Kim!
click on the picture to take you to the album.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The snow 2012

So North Carolina is not known for its snow storms but the last couple years we have had a fair bit of snow, even staying more than a day.

This year we have not had any snow. I have not even seen a snow flurry here this winter.

It was very exciting to see it start snowing.

Zeke woke up from his nap and we told him it was snowing he ran to the window. he said "ohhh snow drops, mommy, snow drops"

I even took a picture at night in case it all melted!

the next morning still had some snow

So Zeke had as much fun in the snow as he could.

You can see where the snow has already melted on the upper right.

some ice on a toy

new fabric

Over the last few weeks I have been in the mood to buy fabric. 
I cant tell you where I got all of this from.

i think i got some of it from Mary Jos in Gastonia, some at Hancocks fabric in Hickory and some from Carolina Fabrics in Black mountain.

Im glad I picked up the panels as I was running out. I love to grab panels so I can do some quick baby quits (this is great with a pregnancy brain and 5 people I know due in a couple months of each other - including me!)

these were taken in my new quilting space- I NEED some lighting put up... the shadows are annoying when working as well.

Love the purples! good thing im having a baby girl!

Love you Zeke

I have 2 panels of the noahs ark. You will see one quilt soon with it. 

isnt this just sweet?

all stacked up!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy valentines day

now my hubby and I dont do a lot for valentines day.

we dont often do anything or exchange gifts. 

This year I needed something that no man is supposed to get his wife.....

I needed a new hand mixer and it just fell at the right time for valentines day. 

Today on G+ Dave posted this:
OK fine. I dislike Valentines day... luckily my wife isn't big into it either, so I can get away with not buying her flowers and chocolates (tho I did get her flowers a few days ago, and a date night last night)...

However, +Debbie DeBaeremaeker: You are awesome and amazing. I am actively trying to make more of you because you are so great. You are beautiful when there is just one of you, amazingly beautiful when you are pregnant. Every day spent with you is wonderful, and the worst day we've had together is better than the best day I had before I met you. In short, yeah, you rock my world.

So my dearest love. Happy Valentines Day. I am glad that you are mine.

*collective awww*

so I decided to use the mixer for him...

the icing i made was 1/2 nutella and 1/2 chocolate butter cream icing from a can.

he seems to be enjoying it :)

I love you Dave!

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