Saturday, August 23, 2014

martian skins

let me tell you a story that my dad told my son.

See that pond over there?
see all the green stuff in the pond? 
(way more than in this photo as this was taken later)

do you know what that stuff is?

its Martian Skin. 

really, it is. 

Do you know how it got there?

Martians come at night, once they know you are sleeping, and dive into the pond. There they shed a layer of skin which then grows into the algae. 

the Martians then zoom back up to the sky and they go so fast they dry off quickly. 

This story came up because we were cleaning out the pond for my sisters wedding. 
Zeke was a big help 
mom and Melissa pulled it out and then let it dry. this is them cleaning up the dried algae. 

Later we went to visit Dave's parents and went to a local marina for a walk. 

we were walking along and then we hear Zeke exclaim "look! Martian skin"

We tried to get him to think this was a spaceship. 

He just told us its a thing to pick up the martian skin. 
more martian skin


so this has become a thing at Pake and Grandmas house. 
but would it last?

We get home from our trip and Zeke sees these guys on Phineas and Ferb
and calls me over and says "mom, those are the martians that left their skin in Pakes pond!

oh, his poor teachers! they will not know what he is talking about!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Melissa's Bachelorette Party

Dave and I headed to canada one day early. this enabled me to go with both my sisters and hang out for my youngest sisters bachelorette party!

We met up at my middle sister, Amanda's, house where we got ready. 

Here we go! off to a night of adventures!

Go karting!!!!

getting into the cars :)
We got the bigger ones so we didnt have to stand in line and we could all start the same time. 


Between each lap we had to drop off a ticket for the next lap. Sometimes there was a bit of a back up. it happened only once for each sister that I passed them before that spot and was able to get a picture of them behind me :)

While waiting to get into the restaurant we made sashes that said Bride and Maid of honour and Bridesmaid (although that was an honorary title for me) 

Skylon tower!

Inside the sykon tower was this glass shop. so pretty!!
 we look pretty good for hand making most of our decorations! 

walking by the falls

 Clifton Hill

and to finish off our night we decided to take missy to go ride a bull

We were actually fairly tired at this point so we headed back to Amanda's where we got snacks, watched Bridesmaids and spent the night.

Such a great night!

thanks for letting me come!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Melissa and Bob's Wedding

Here is a small sampling of my sisters wedding. She got married Aug 16th in Ontario at my parents house. 

As we got closer to the date we worried about the weather more and more! 
We made it through the ceremony and lunch and the first dance before the rains started. 

The ducks in the pool 

 I am making her a signature quilt and used it as a guest book. 
 the doors to the left are where people went in to get brunch. Everyone had to walk by
 So pretty on the stairs. I love her hair from above!

 My kids did so well as the flower girl and ring bearer. Abigail was doing one petal at a time!

here comes the bride!

making it official

presenting Mr&Mrs!!

Google Autoawesomed this one

such a yummy brunch (her favorite meal). I think she ruined normal breakfasts for us all for a while!

they poured syrup on the waffle rather than cut a cake :)

my sister and our grandfather

SO SO SO windy for the first dance!

never saw a first dance with so much laughing

And her bustle button broke so she had to carry her dress for the rest of the day

 my dad and sister made up their own dance to "daddy's girl"

my daughter with Aunt Awesome

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