Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween candy division

So- How do/ did you deal with Halloween candy?

did your kids get to keep it all?

did you divide it between everyone?

did you sneak candy from your kids?

Here is what my parents did with us growing up.

There were 4 of us kids bringing in candy for a few years.
After we got home mom and dad would dump all the candy in the middle of the table.
It would all be sorted out by type of candy- gum in a bowl, chocolate in another, chips in another etc etc.

We would then be allowed to take some - I think 10?) pieces each.

The rest of the candy would be put up on a shelf and every day mom would let us pick out 2-3 pieces to add to our lunch boxes. Sometimes we would get some after school, a special treat etc.

This was a fair way to deal with it, especially once me and my brother stopped trick or treating. The haul would often last well past the first week- usually lasting the whole month of November.

My parents also got some of the treats. I'm sure they ate their favourites first! (as we all do)

As you can see in that picture above, I have already sorted out the candy into groups and they are now in a couple bowls.

I think I may continue what we did with mom and dad- but we will see.

so- what do you do?

Renaissance Fair!

Wow- it has been a long time since I posted!

Daves parents and Mine have both been up for Zekes birthday.

I will blog their visits later.

For now I will blog about the Renaissance Fair that we went to in Huntersville NC.

Dave did a great post on it over Here (you should really check it out- its good)

It was the first time any of us have gone to a Renaissance Fair, ever.

We had a blast!!

There were soo many stages to see shows on. you could spend the whole day there and not see everything~!

The bonus of us going this past Saturday is that it was the Halloween day.
They encouraged kids to dress up and go trick or treating at all the booths!

I did most of it for Zeke- BUT after lunch I let Zeke out of the stroller and let him run into the booths to say Trick or Treat. he would often only get out "TREAT".

He would say "TREAT" to anyone in the booth to get the candy. We did have a little problem of him wanting to open the candy right away- but we told him he had to sit in the stroller to eat his candy- it was much more fun to run to all the booths!

Here is some pictures from the day- Enjoy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Leo's visit here= the end

Leo has been with us for almost a month. 
We have enjoyed his company. He is a laugh and a half even though he can get into trouble!

Here are a few links from his time with us:
then we went to Myrtle beach
and he celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with us
I have a few more pictures from his time with us. They are a bit mixed up but bear with me :)

First we have Leo at Zekes birthday party

Eating a piece of cake

trying to get re-gifted?

Leo attacking the birthday boy with kisses

Leo then went with Zeke to the pumpkin patch 

choosing a pumpkin

on the wagon ride

At Zekes preschool for Zekes preschool birthday party

one evening we went to the local walking park

tagging along on the stroller

Zeke wanted to hang out with Leo

Zeke giving Leo a ride

Ps- if you want to read about Leos previous adventures you can find them here or you can join in the fun here

Dave's moms quilt is done.

Finally! Its done!

When they came to visit this weekend I was able to give it to her even washed and dried (although it was still drying when they arrived)

Here are some links to it previously:
This quilt gave me lots of trouble
I got the top done
and it got quilted.

now it is finished!!

With a navy blue binding 

Daves mom 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zekes 2nd Birthday!

Saturday was Zeke's 2nd Birthday!!

the spread

 The cake- Thomas of course!

blowing out the candle

eating the cake

 more kids eating cake

 where we decorated bags for a craft

some presents

T-shirt from nana and poppa

 the fam :)

more pictures here:

Friday, October 14, 2011

finally- some sewing!!!

Since I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago I havent done much sewing at all!

I finally did some this week!

It felt so good :)

 Its just a wall hanging but nice to do.

the back

Zeke loves any sized quilt I make

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanksgiving with Leo

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It is Canadian thanksgiving this weekend and Leo had to get in on the action.

As Canadians living in the states I couldnt find a turkey yet so we had a chicken. 

 All the food was ready to go- just had to wait on 5pm to start cooking for dinner
back pot for stuffing, carrots, cream corn, squash, potatoes, gravy.

Helping mash the squash

Pastor Rob, Ginger were slightly distracted by Leo

it was a great dinner with great people!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leo's vacation to Myrtle Beach

When Leo arrived at our door he was a bit tired from all the traveling he was doing. 
He sounded very happy that we were going to take a vacation to Myrtle Beach. 

Our bags were packed and look who wanted to come along for the ride!

AS soon as we got there the little monkey choose the top bunk! 

Yay!!! we are at the beach!

Got to go eat at the all you can eat sea food buffets!

hanging out on the beach

luckily he doesnt burn!

nice and close to the water (but not too close!)

there- that feels safer!!

Dave and I then headed out for the night and thought it would be nice if Leo came along to Broadway at the Beach.

First thing he does is run off and get himself in trouble!!

we promised the dinosaur some sweets if he let go of Leo. Thankfully he agreed!

The bag of sugar was NOT for Leo!!

we saw this bird :)

and some Celebrities!

not sure were Alvin was though. 

We fed the fish! someone tossed in a bag of pink popcorn.

taking a break

I go off the bathroom and come back to find leo munching on my pretzel!

our view from the 6th floor

The morning we left it dawned nice and clear

one of our stops included the Largest Flowering Dogwood in NC

Taking a rest stop while Daddy was geocaching

Thanks for coming along on the ride!!

Ps- if you want to read about Leos previous adventures you can find them here or you can join in the fun here

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