Sunday, February 26, 2012

quilt and a shower

A bunch of the Google wives get together for crafts or as a mommy and me kind of group. We dont know all the wives but when we find someone we havent met yet we try to make an effort to get to know them. 

This brings us to Kim.
She and her hubby have been here for a while, but we didnt know her.
Turns out she is a vet at a local clinic that many of us take our pets to. 

She is due in March so we decided to throw her a baby shower and get to know her better. 
We just went to a local restaurant for foods and gifts :)

So as I usually do- I made a quilt. 

signed- in green thread so you cant really see it. 

backed and bound in Ikea fabric


And pictures from the lunch. 

look forward to getting to you know Kim!
click on the picture to take you to the album.


Kits Corner said...

What a lovely idea to get to know others let me know if your ever in Ottawa, Ontario would love to meet you.

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