Thursday, February 4, 2021

Quilt for Ari


Someone on a FB page posted a quilt from this panel. I KNEW who I needed to make this for. 
I tracked down the panel on etsy 

And started free motion quilting

I started with the dress

and the steps

around the chicken feathers. (ended up going over them with 2 colours)

Quilted down the window frame and the window and the sunflower

I love how her hair turned out. straight on the brushed piece and curly on the ends

Everything was well quilted down except the girl. I just followed her outlines so she would stand out.
you can see that on her face and hands.

I gave the chickens a bit more definition on their wings and heads

got the grass

I love the curls on the pig

the fabric didnt have any woodgrain in the print so I added it with quilting

love that hair!

and done!!!

I used all these threads in the quilting of this panel. 

And here is Ari!! they also have chickens. 

I think you can understand why I needed to make this for her!

Her mom said that she exclaimed "thats me!!" when she saw it for the first time!


the back

and the hangers to put a dowel through to hang it. 

Its fun to see the quilting on the other side. I wish I either used a darker bobbin or a lighter/less busy backing to see it even better. 

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