Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amanda's Apron

When I was in Canada I bought some cheap fabric to make a quilt. 
You can read all about that adventure here

My sister came over for a visit and was asking me if I thought I could make an apron for her. 
She wanted one that would fit her plus sized figure AND cover her boobs. 

I have never made one and I told her so. 

She was ok with my lack of experience. 
we had just one problem.

it was sunday and I didnt know about any local fabric places let alone if they were open. 

luckily for her I had bought some fabric for the previously mentioned quilt AND she liked it. 

The next step she showed me some of the ones she saw online that she liked. 

I cant do that!

Well maybe.... something like that.....

SO we started thinking and I started cutting. 

I did no measurements. 

I held pieces up to her and asked do you like this here or there, this long or that long.

She wanted a pleated front, with a rounded bottom and a sorta gathered top

holding it up to see if it would work

darts in the top
Apron strings
Sweet little bow
Rounded bottom.
that a wrap

Hope she gets a lot of use out of it :)


AtlasYMM said...

Well, it's my opinion, if you make her an apron to use for cooking, THEN, she should make you something to eat. An honest trade. lol
Nice work, you could sell those.

Debbie said...

Well she did cut my hair for me :)

Good trade on my end :)

Debbie said...

It was very cute fabric

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