Friday, September 7, 2012

Amy's Baby quilt

Amy is a good friend from when we lived in Toronto. 
When I heard she was pregnant I HAD to make her a quilt. 

THEN I discovered that we were going to be in Canada for her due date! how awesome is that? I was unable to get to her wedding but I was able to see her brand new baby!

She did not find out the sex of her baby but was decorating her nursery in "Noah's Ark"
I immediately thought of my Noah's Ark quilt I had done before

I wanted to do something a bit more patchwork-y for Amy so I found some fabric and cut them into 5" squares. 

I had some fun Bible fabric rom our trip to Phenix AZ that I hadnt used yet. I didnt fussy cut- but I think i should have! oh well- I have leftovers :)

Daniel and the Lions Den and Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours
David and Goliath  
 Adam and Eve
 Moses parting the Red Sea
 Jonah and the Whale

The back pannel 
 the patchwork.
I thought the dark squares would just out a lot but it turns out I see the green first.

 signed and fancy stitches

 inside has better colours

 "oopps- the corner is turned over, here  let me fix that for you"
 "thanks Zeke- want to get your picture taken with it?"

So Amy had her baby on Aug 23 and named her Ella
We got to see her one week later!

Zeke was very good to her (we should have gotten a picture of her with Abby!)


Dew said...

Debbie - this is lovely. The thought process of matching the Bible stories on the back with the front is just perfect! The blue edge really pops too! You can feel the love in it!

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