Monday, January 31, 2011

stress relief


what a day.

It was mostly a good day except for one thing that affected the whole day.

                         Zeke did not nap.

Friday he napped 5 hours(more than his usual 2-3)

Saturday he took a 20 min nap during a walk.

Sunday he tool about 40 min after church

Monday(today) nothing.

Ok- so he is continuing with his 12-13 hour nights (been like that for a long time) but he is only 15 months old- he should still be napping.

I know, I know mom. Mom tells me that I gave up naps shortly after a year.
but Zeke was doing so well.

I got a lot of errands done this morning. This afternoon I maintained my sanity with the movie Cars with Zeke on my lap for a bit of it. I am lucky that he will go play on his own- he just likes to be near me.

The afternoon was a lot of fussy baby time due to not wanting to nap and being tired. Everything was affecting him. I am so glad that when he gets tired he gets giddy first!

I got supper in the oven even tonight. That and the errands were my accomplishment today.

Zeke went down easily for bed tonight!

Then it was mommy stress relief time!

First I read my blog list.

Then I headed over to the craft/spare/store room.

With a handful of chocolate from Aldi

Where I had a lot of Half Square triangles waiting to be sewn together. (I had the first triangles made with help from Thangles)

I then sewed them into Pin Wheels

This one had perfect points! (a few did not)
 My Sewing table- See my papers taped to the wall- they are how I figured out my MILs quilt.
 How I worked out this block
 I only have 1/2 (of the 40) of the blue pinwheels I need and I only have 5 of the 40 red ones.
 Look- Its seems like Im kinda organized this time around.
That candle made its way there thanks to my son. I had tried working in here during the day- and I didnt get much done with a Zeke following me :)

Now I think I will finish up with a glass of wine in a bubble bath with a book.

The book? The Girlfriends Guide to Toddlers :)

How do you get your stress release?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

going for a walk

I woke up this morning with a bit of a cough and wanting to spend time outside.

I decided to go for a walk with Dave and the Dogs and Zeke.

It was a bit chilly (32F) so I put my gloves on Zeke. 
It was nice and sunny and I was walking so I was nice and warm.

Zeke was fussing so we let him get out and go for a walk
He did maybe 3/10th of a mile
I love how the gloves look on him!
Dragging his cup on his Little Lasso  
I LOVE this invention! It attaches to the stroller or high chair or car seat and when the kid throws the toy or cup overboard it doesnt hit the floor- the elastic lets it bounce and hang. 

We were home by 11 and went out again after lunch and it got up to 64F!
very nice day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook homemade challenge #3

Winner number 3 for my Facebook Pay it Forward Challenge
(winner 1 and winner 2)

Well Kendra received her Prize in the mail today!
She was VERY excited and posted on my facebook wall right away! Lets just say her post started with: ‎{SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE} 

You can read about it from her point of view. (really - go visit her blog)

Her request of colours was black, grey and "that golden-mustard-y yellow color".
That was as close to mustard as I had. 

She is also obsessed with the letter I so I made hers look like Is when turned :)

I also quilted it so the back looked liked Is as well. this was Daves idea- Thanks dear!

Top 10 ways to get your house cleaned quick- by Kendra

My friend Kendra posted this last night.

It rings so true for me.

Top 10 Ways to Get Your House Clean QUICK

You wanna know how to get your house sparkly clean, right? Well, thank goodness I'm perfect, otherwise I might not be able to enlighten you with my Top 10 Ways to Get Your House Clean Quick:

(Just ignore her - she's bitter because I'm an expert.) Photo Credit

1. The Funky Smell - Nothin' says, "clean me now!" like a funky smell. Is it the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for (murmur, murmur, whisper, cough) [insert heinously long amount of time]? Is it the clothes that I accidentally left in the washer overnight...2 nights ago? I don't know - let's just clean the whole house.

2. Watch Hoarders - That's all I need to say.

3. The "Really Important Project" - Have someone task you with something you know you'll dread doing. A project for work, a favor for someone you don't like...I don't know, you're clever, you'll think of something. I find house-cleaning to be extremely procrastinatious because sometimes it sucks less than that other thing you need to do.

4. Fight Night - You know what makes me some women do dishes (really loudly), fold clothes (really loudly), clean bathrooms (really loudly), and generally buzz about the house like the cleaning fairy (really loudly)? Domestic disagreements. That's right, gals, pick a fight, get a clean house! *Poof* It's like friggin' magic!

5. Nesting - Want a spotless house? All you have to do is get pregnant...and wait about 7 months for the nesting instincts to kick in. Ready, set, go!

I KNOW you want to find out her top 5 (or last 5 depending on how you count).

Let me just say that the top reason is how most of my cleaning gets done :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a few more photos

Talking on the phone with Daddy :)

 Yeah- Daddy is right there :P



look- a foot!

Monday, January 24, 2011

traveling stash is on its way!

remember a few days ago I posted about a traveling stash giveaway?

well I won!

Whoo hoo!!

im so excited!

I will let you know when I get it, what I keep and what I put in it :)

Thanks Ariane!

Facebook homemade challenge #2

Before I start with the challenge- I need more of the fabric. I bought it at Hancocks. I am on a fabric diet (not to buy more fabric for 8 weeks) So I am willing to swap. 
CP30352, Stitched Butterfly, Springs Creative Products Group 2009

Her colour request was Purple.
I didnt have much for purple so I put a call out to a friend who just made a purple and green quilt for a niece.
I used up some of her scraps (the solids were all I had)

For this one I learned how to hide my beginning and ending stitches so it looks just a bit more well done
 (sorry to the others)

I didnt use it- really! Just a sample picture.

Leslie happy to get it (her other smile was very cheesy!)
# 3 has been mailed out
#4 is waiting on an address
#5 I dont like so I'm going to re-do it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Traveling Stash giveaway

Now this is a neat idea.

Here are the rules of this giveaway!!!
 You must be willing to continue the travelling stash giveaway. Once you receive the package, you must fill it up again with fabric from your stash and any fabric that you don't want that I've included. Then, you will have a giveaway on your blog, continuing the travelling stash.

Hopefully, the travelling stash will make it around the world a few times.

I want to win this and I <3 Sewing, Ariane's Crafts is giving it away.

Go and Join the giveaway goodness there!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Plans for Valentines Day?

I work with a group called Pet Partners Network. They are a group working towards a No Kill Shelter in Caldwell County.

We are a long way from getting a facility but are fundraising in the meantime (as well as adoption events)

Here is our event planned for Valentines Day. 

If you are in or near Lenoir please contact me for tickets. (I will have them in my hands this week)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Facebook homemade challenge #1

I have given my Facebook Challenge gift #1 today.

Her request was "apples, red and green"


She was surprised that I had them done already (little does she know I have 3 of the 5 done!)

Look out for #2

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wordless post

In the toy box

playing nicely 

Dave couldnt get up!

Such a good daddy

hey mommy

He got a little too quiet

caught with tissues
Here is the video of the tissues

Friday, January 14, 2011

I won!!!!!!!

I won!!! I am so excited!

Actually I have won 2 things. 

One thing came in the mail today and one thing was an email.

First - the thing I won today.
I entered a give a way at the Plaid Scottie
She asked for advice on buying an new house (as well as normal ways of getting entries)

This was what I saw on her page. The quote is below.

Item #4: Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts

Comment #504 from Debbie:
"The very first home that my parents bought didn't have a drain in the kitchen sink. They didn't know that when they bought it (just a bucket under the sink), so since then my grandmother's wisdom to buying a house is to look under the sinks!"

Isnt that exciting!!

That is the book that I looked at and Deborah bought for me. I then gave it back to her since I never paid her back. She said she was happy to have the book- and now I will have my own copy!


The other thing I won was from the blog Such Sweet Tierney.

This is what came in the mail today:

"Mara May's sweet paper garlands are the perfect detail for any season. Last Christmas I hung one on the mantle with the stockings! So cute! This is for the nature one pictured above and has pretty greens and lots of book paper!"

Isnt that sweet? I look forward to using it. Im just not sure where yet. If you have any ideas- let me know.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


maybe not.

Here is a blog post by Estelle

Just a sample:
There's a whole D-I-Y following out there (trust methere is). And there are actually lots of small businesses built around this concept (notice I said small). But the more I think about it, the less I want to get stuck in this way. Don't get me wrong, I love making things with my own two hands - there's something special and rewarding about that process. But if my business stays as a one-woman-show, how can it grow? It probably can't. In that case, I would become so wrapped up in it that it drains every ounce of energy and joy from me and alot of people would miss out on a bunch of opportunities because I've hoarded my talent.

A few simple ways to stop D-I-Y thinking:

- recognize that sharing the load gives others more opportunity to grow (build their talents, make money, succeed, learn)
- start cutting out the things I really don't want to do - ask for help or pay someone to do it (most of us could easily start doing this, if we're not already)
- assess how much time and energy (as well as money) I'm actually saving by doing it myself
- plan ahead and make a strategy for getting help and hiring people
- learn how to ask for help
- learn how to accept help when it's offered

So when should I D-I-Y?

When it enhances the quality of your life and the ones around you (I may not want to hire someone to bathe my dog, shop for Christmas gifts, or balance my money.).
When it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, maybe.
When there's absolutely no one else who will do it.

The point is...I don't want to get stuck thinking I HAVE to do it myself or it won't get done right, on time, cheap, healthy, or good enough. I need to share the wealth! Right? Right.

Finish reading here

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Schools out.

Ok- I dont have any kids in the school system- But I have friends who do.

We are in NC.
I understand that they are not equipped to handle a lot of snow.
They are not used to it.
I know.
But come on.

Here is how the last 3-4 days have gone:
Monday- Snow started really early in the morning. at 4 m I ran out when the snow stopped for a bit. roads were not that bad on the main roads but the side roads were snow covered.

Tuesday- snow stopped though the night but not all roads cleared. We went to get groceries  in the late afternoon and the roads were better, Ok on main roads and secondary roads. our little side road was not cleared much and Im guessing the back roads were not at all. Melting occurred all day.

Wednesday- no new snow but the melted snow had refrozen so schools were cancelled again for the third day. It was warming up and we had plows and sanders on our road. Wednesday afternoon we heard that Thursday school is cancelled.

Thursday- school cancelled. Why? I dont know.

(UPDATE: Caldwell County Schools will operate on a 3-hour delay Friday, January 14th. Limited bus transportation will be provided.)

Thats 4 days off! not bad eh?

Growing up in Ontario we know how to deal with snow- but we do have the equipment to help.
We also have snow days built into the school year.

Here they do not.
When they have snow days here they have to take them from already existing holidays. According to a friend they have lost MLK day and Memorial day. And 2 PD days.

When I told dave this this is what he said:

 Dave:  gees folks, buy your kids some gloves and a "tobogan"... then go to school, grab an encyclopedia, and have them explain to you when they get home why your "tobogan" isn't useful for sledding.

The first while we were here we didnt realize that their hats (toques) were called toboggans. Very odd.

any how... We had 2 days with daddy working from home and played outside both days. 

Dave did a write up here for the second day

and I have pictures from the first day, click here to go to the picasa site and see them bigger.

Lets get a bit cheesy

I gave Zeke a Cheese Whiz sandwich like I do many days of the week. 
This day he felt like playing and took two slices in his hands and put them on his head. 

There were many cheesy bits left behind

So mommy grabs as wash cloth and rubs his head with it. 
Not worried about a bath until bed time.

After his nap he wakes up with still wild hair- which leads me to believe that cheese whiz is a natural hair product. 

Munchkin is getting tired

Read a book, have a bath, brush your teeth and off to bed!

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