Wednesday, February 4, 2015

upcycled dress for Abigail

I decided to try upcycling for the first time. 

WE had this t-shirt of abigails that the graphic was coming off. 

yuck- right?

so I cut off the top about 1 inch below the armpits

and made a tube of fabric using some remnants I picked up from hancocks. 

yay- french seam (I also used a decorative stitch along the bottom hem. )

I thought it needed more- So I grabbed some trim. 
+Christina Borrego Buck gave this to me a while ago and I found a good use for it here. 

Abigail modeling for me. 

because it was just a tube on a t-shirt that was a bit too big on her the back looks a little funny. not sure how to fix it- so  im going to leave it. 

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