Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meredith's Baby Quilt

you have no idea how hard this one is to give up!

I had a panel that I got from the traveling stash way back when. The problem with the panel was the story was in the wrong order. I cut it apart and matched it with fabric monkey fabric, dots and bananas :)

 I had my Long Arm Quilter do a rush job for me (she did it in one day- Pam is awesome!) when I realized the shower was on a Sunday not the Saturday that I previously thought. All of a sudden I needed it quilted FAST!
 The backing is what I VERY quickly picked out at my Local Quilt shop without my quilt nearby.  It matches ok.
Meredith loved the backing- yay!
I like this shot with the front showing though the back.
 The nice and crinklely-ness really shows up here with the sun and shadows/
 signed - you can kinda see the white flower backing

Here is Meredith at her baby shower:

 Here is the story. I love the last "page"


ErikaJean said...

That is SUPER cute!! I love that it tells story.

I rushed to make a baby quilt as well, it was my first (and so far only) one ;-)

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