Wednesday, March 25, 2009

nothing to report

thats is all this blog is for- to say i have nothing to report in a month.

Maybe you can give me suggestions of what to write about.

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

the big reveal!

Well we have an announcement! this time it is what you think :)

Dave and I are going to be parents~how scary is that?
As we are only 9 weeks in of 40 ... we let this out of the bag a bit early. There were a couple of reasons for this.

First is that my parents were leaving for Europe and I wanted them to know before they left. The other reason is because all our Lenoir friends were getting together and it was a good time to tell them all at once.

we had a lot of fun with this. One of my friends C knew that we were expecting- since she is a midwife - I told her first. She encouraged me to tell at Family Fun Night. We also decided on a way to tell everyone and see who caught on!

We went shopping at Goodwill. Did you know how hard it is to find t-shirts that mention pregnancy on them? I did find one that had two doves holding a ribbon that said "delivering cuteness".

I wore this on the Family Fun Night. I ended up spilling on it right at the beginning - and was washing it off (not on purpose!) so a few people noticed then but most kept their mouth shut to wait for others responses. (a few of them had an idea that I was pregnant already so it wasn't much of a stretch)

But the person that I was waiting to hear her response took the longest! Finally D (5 months preggo) called her over and had her read my shirt and pay attention.... it was a great response! lots of sequels and hugs etc... from that point on everyone could talk about it.

I never heard this before as a way to tell people that you are pregnant- but Dave told his coworker that he "had Forked". for the geeks out there - they would understand. I didnt but his coworker did and lit up! apparently its some computer process that involves making a copy of program and then splitting it (or something.)

Well MC had a fun time telling people who came late to the party to go ready my shirt.
I even had the offer of going and shopping at a persons house that is not planning on having anymore kids :)

It was a great night.

We had called our Family to let them know that afternoon. Dave did use the line to Mom D : " yeah, we have news..... Debbie's sick.....she has the Egyptian Flu...." Dave's mom caught on quick cuz his Dad used that a lot. She said "shes going to be a MOMMY!!!"
tons of excitement for us.

We also emailed our closer friends and they also had fun with telling others. R&C got married in Oct. A keeps asking them when they are going to have a kid. so they took the photo I sent out and put it on the computer as the background wall paper. They were going to get her to check her email - and then see the photo up. I haven't heard the full story yet- but I see from the facebook status' that they played a great trick and got A good!

so this is for everyone that reads my blog:
Im 9 weeks of 40
I dont have morning sickness except when I take my vitamins
Due date is Oct 7
I havent seen a Dr yet as we are still working on SSN and insurance...
and we dont want to know the sex until its born

please pray that everything works out well for us and baby.

<3 Debbie
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