Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Well here it is- the Memorial Day weekend.

Im thankful for all the soldiers that have died in or from wars to keep America free (and to be Canada's Big Brother)

As someone said to me- its easy to be peaceful when you can threaten other countries with your big brother- the states :)

So as I understand there is a few things to do on this American holiday.

one is to have a cookout (in this area they dont call them a bbq)so we are having hamburgers tonight.

another is to have a picnic. We went to Lake Norman in Charlotte on Sunday:

I was also told to go swimming- so I hopped in the pool with zeke:

Enjoy your week!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zeke in 11 minutes

I was watching Zeke get all over the floor today when I thought about doing a zeke by the minute photo album.

I did it for 11 minutes (I thought I did 10) where I took 1 picture each minute to see where he ended up.

I put Zeke back in the starting spot and we went one to where he was before I moved him (kinda)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Andreas Quilt- update

Ok- I went for lessons at a local quilt shop (Nanas in Hudson)and learned how to use the Long Arm Quilter.

Its a big machine that you use to quilt with. It was sooo much fun. Dont get me wrong- I love to hand quilt but this was FAST.

I was there for an hour and had the lesson and quilted andreas quilt.

Now all i have to do is the Binding which i have never done before!

ok- so i made a few mistakes- like crossing over my quilting and going too fast in some spots (makes the stitches bigger)

Infant Massage

I have been going to Baby and Me at the Newton Library.
They have baby play time and education for the parents.

This month was on Infant Massage. It was kinda funny to see the babies running around in diapers.

Zeke did enjoy his massage and was about the only one who sat still long enough to get a massage.

So i didnt get pictures of him getting his massage.

Zeke is in the front(7 months), followed by Kingsley (1 year) and Ethan in the back (10 months)

i get your belly button!

teething or just a cold?

Well it turns out it was both!

At first we thought the grumpiness and runny nose was teething which turned into a full blown cold (and made a bunch of my friends who loved up on him sick too)

Well that cold continued and we noticed a tooth coming in. So this poor boy had a double dose of fun.

He got his 5th tooth in last friday or saturday. This is him on Sunday with his snotty nose and new upper center tooth.

(sorry for the angle)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring visits 2010

Just a brief photo album of what I have been up to with my company :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


ok- so i promised a post soon
but life gets busy.

So here we are and I still dont have time to make a post. Daves parents have left and michelle has arrived.

so its back to visiting with michelle

I will post once i get my house cleaned up :D


Friday, May 14, 2010

Daves Parents are here!

well Dave's Parents have arrive this past Tuesday.

They arrived in time to see Zeke get fussy before bed!

Dave's Dad- Poppa- loves to do work around then house when he comes to visit. I think it relaxes him!

His project this week was to take down the wallpaper in the hallway and guest bathroom. We borrowed a steamer from some friends of ours and away he went.

The wallpaper was difficult to get off my way by scoring and fabric softener and water method. It was working that way but slowly. The steamer did a great job but it made the paint behind it start to blister. Once that was figured out all was well. The wall paper in the hallway was gone by Thursday afternoon and the bathroom was done by Friday morning! boy he works fast!

It is now Friday night and Poppa has even gotten the walls scraped down and drywall puttied the nail holes!

Have I mentioned that I love the In-Laws visiting?

Dave's mom-nanna- has also been a big help with Zeke. I have even been able to eat breakfast most days this week! Zeke also has a cold so he has been fussier then normal.

Its dark and stormy right now and I dont have pictures of the progress yet. Expect a post soon!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

out to lunch

well it was actually dinner.

We went to Boone with my sisters and Melissa was taking some pictures. So most are of Zeke and us.
This is at Dan'l Boone Inn in Boone. Its a family style restaurant with a fixed menu- but its very good!

Give me food!

mmmm cookie

I love my mommy

I also love my daddy

Just a couple of cool dudes hanging out!

Amanda and Melissa

so Amanda and Melissa have come and gone.
Zeke was spoiled by the attention, Missy warmed up to Snoopy, and we had a lot of fun and shopping.

On Saturday we went up to Blowing rock.

Here is a bunch of pictures!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am very Excited for the next couple weeks!

Both my sisters are coming for a weekend. My youngest sister has not been here before. Im very excited to show off this place to her. I very much enjoy living in this small town.

My sisters leave either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

Daves parents then arrive Tuesday evening for a week. They should be good and excited to see Zeke (I mean all of us!) again
Daves Parents will be leaving on Tuesday morning.

I will then be heading to Charlotte to pick up my friend! She also hasnt been here before.

I AM soo excited for all the company (not sure Dave is)

sorry that this post seems a bit sparse but Im getting ready for bed!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Andrea's Quilt update

So I got some quilting done on this rainy day while Zeke took a nap! It's exciting to get something done thats not cleaning (and boy that needs to be done!) or removing wallpaper!

Here is her quilt top:

Quilt back:

I'm not sure this is big enough for a twin since I do not have a twin bed in the house. (shown on a queen size) I was making a couch quilt that just got a bit too long- oh well Andrea loves to be wrapped up

Its all ready to be quilted- I was going to go to a local quilt shop and learn how to use a long arm quilter for this quilt :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look ma!

So I have been noticing a few things that Zeke does lately.

First off he likes to sit with his feet crossed. This amused me at first because I thought he just wiggled into that position. After watching him a few times I realized that he purposely gets into that position(which still amuses me)

isn't it cute:

Zeke has also become adept at finding his pacifier and putting it back in his mouth. Often times I will hide it among a bunch of toys in his crib and a few minutes later I will look at him playing and see that he has it in his mouth~ self soothing!

(I thought I had a Picture of this- but I cannot find it!)

Zeke has learned about the light pull on the fan. He learned this a while back but i didn't realize how much fun he had with it until Dave was gone. I couldn't hold him up high enough to play with it but every time we went past it he would smile and get excited.

Zeke also has learned that he can pull himself up.He cant get to his feet yet but in these two pictures you can see how he got himself to his knees.

My little boy is getting mobile! uh oh!

oh- and he is cutting his third tooth!
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