Monday, May 25, 2015

Pine Needles Quilt Guild Mystery Quilt 2014

Last year I did a Mystery quilt with my Guildmates. 

A Mystery Quilt is given to you in very small steps. 

We were given instructions that stated how much of 4 fabrics to get and what tonal range- one light, one dark, one medium dark, and a medium.

Here is my result : 

very important to label your quilts!

signed and fancy stitches to hold down the binding

This is one I am keeping!

I had also made this pattern for the dignity quilt 

Sunday, May 24, 2015


May 22 2015
Ouchie!  This is hotter than a wildebeest frying in a frying pan

Dave • Nov 12, 4:02 PM
kids are up. zekes scared of his room
Nov 12, 4:02 PM
Dave • Nov 12, 4:02 PM
Nov 12, 4:02 PM
Dave • Nov 12, 4:02 PM
there are eggs in there!
insect eggs
Nov 12, 4:02 PM
what kind of eggs?
are there
did he learn something in kindergarten?
Dave • Nov 12, 4:02 PM
remember at the goat dairy he picked up acorns and the bone
well he found the bag and dumped them out
Nov 12, 4:03 PM
Dave • Nov 12, 4:03 PM
discovered an insect living in one
Nov 12, 4:03 PM
Dave • Nov 12, 4:03 PM
plus what looked like bug eggs in apther
he tossed someoutside
then started freaking out like something was biting his bum
took off undies and discovered an unwipped bum
then a couple more had bugs
wont go inbecause there is bug eggs on his carpet
Nov 12, 4:04 PM
actual or imagined bug eggs?
good vaccuming will fix that, no?
Dave • Nov 12, 4:04 PM
i told him if he didnt clean his room he wouldnt get to sew woith me. which would have been happening with me now
instead abigail had to get him undies 
and now hes in her room
Nov 12, 4:05 PM
Dave • Nov 12, 4:05 PM
"but the vaccuum is too heavy for me!!!!!"
Nov 12, 4:05 PM
well, he does have a mommy...
Dave • Nov 12, 4:05 PM
mommys being mean and not protecting him
Nov 12, 4:06 PM
I see. chosing to fight the battle eh?
Dave • Nov 12, 4:06 PM

Nov. 14, 2015
zeke: "why do we live in an old house, when we could have paid the worker men to build a new house so then the bugs wouldnt in"

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dignity Quilt for Shalom Manor

Last year the nursing home I used to work at asked me if I would make a Dignity Quilt for them.

A dignity quilt is a quilt that is used to cover someone after they pass away and are being taken to the funeral home.
This is part of the Death with Dignity movement among nursing homes and other long term care.
I loved the Mystery Quilt Pattern so I made another one. (here's the blog about the first one)

They wanted this to be about 5 feet by 7 feet. 
This is about that :) I forgot measure it when it was done!

I had my quilter use her flutterby pattern as butterflies are often used in hospice 

I had a friend embroider a label for me so it will last longer through washings


They also wanted a pillow case to store it in

So I used the leftover fabric

and here it is inside

related news:

Floor Pillows for the kids

So I got this fabric from Ikea last fall. It was black and white and its a thick almost canvas weight to it.

Since then I have been colouring it with fabric markers whenever I had a chance. I set the markers with an iron and in the dryer.
I have had many people help me too like my fellow Quilt Guild members.

I will be giving these to the kids to use as floor pillows. One of them has a pink zipper and one a navy zipper.

 So both pillows have almost the same pattern repeat.
oh well :)

 Pillow 1

 Pillow 2

And have another 16 inches left. 

I gave them to the kids and they loved exploring the pictures to see who had which ones and what colours they were :)

enjoying popcorn for dinner on their new pillows

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