Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giveaway at Blueberry Patches

there is a giveaway at Blueberry Patches.

She is celebrating that she is on holidays!

What do she have?  2 fabrics.  Half metre cuts of each!!!!   Strawberry Fields in Robin's Egg and  Henna Gardens in leaf both from Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet 2.

Drawing on Tuesday

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We have a Winner!

I just got back from a Baby shower for a friend and thought I better do the drawing.

I was hoping it wouldnt pick my husbands comment and it didnt so we are good there.

over at I got the number 12.

For some reason I can not get it copied over here. I did it once before and now I cant get it to work!
Oh well! I guess you will have to trust me.

who won you ask??

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...12

What a fun box!! Great idea!
I am from Saskatchewan, Canada!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Quilting Widow(er) Appreciation Day on Saturday, September 24th!

The Plaid Scottie  has a GREAT idea for our husband or significant others.

here is what she wrote:

Our spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, partners, etc. put up with so much of our quilting crap. They might grumble occasionally, but for the most part they let us get away with crazed fabric sprees, giant stashes & sewing spaces that take up entire rooms, and marathon sewing sessions that take us away from our families for hours at a time. Why? Because they love us, and know that we love quilting. And while I thank my husband for his support of my crazy hobby all the time, I rarely use my skills to make anything for him. I think a lot of us are like that - we're so busy making things for everyone else, that we forget to make things for ourselves or our families.

SO. Here's my idea. Let's have an official Quilting Widow(er) Appreciation Day! I'm calling it that, because it's kinda! Our significant others are sometimes quilting widows/widowers because we guy & gal quilters spend a lot of time away from them for the "sake of our art"...hehe! Seriously! I'll be leaving poor Ray in the dust for 4 days while I jet off to Salt Lake City for the Sewing Summit in October. And God love his little heart, he's outside mowing the yard right now to kill time, because he knows I'll be holed up in my sewing room blogging for a while longer! :(

Here's what we're gonna do. I picked a random date a few months off so that we all have time to prepare and create, and we're going to make presents for our Quilting Widows/Widowers as a big fat thank you for their loving support! (Plus it's kind of a win-win, because not only do we get to do something special for them, but it will help perpetuate our hobby because they'll be less inclined to grumble if we make them uber cool things with the thousands of dollars we've sunken into supplies, LOL!) I kid. 99% of the reason we're doing this is to say thank you, and only 1% is for our selfish ulterior motives ;)

The Quilting Widow(er) Appreciation Day will officially take place on Saturday, September 24th! I picked a random, insignificant day so your loved one will be surprised! And I even made a button and added it to the sidebar for those of you that want to join me :)
Button for Event!

Go to her blog and let he know if you are joining her. Also grab her button if you wish.

traveling stash box 2

I currently have box 1 up for a giveaway. Im drawing tomorrow night (wednesday)

I also found box 2.
Its over at Lisa T's Blog- go check it out. She is drawing on Thursday at 9pm


Friday, June 24, 2011

Twice as lucky!

contest is closed.

Remember way back in February when I won the Traveling Stash
I then sent it on again

I followed it for a little while but lost track of it when it split in two. 

Well it was a nice surprise when I came across it again. I decided I would comment on it not expecting to win it!

Well I did, I won Box 1.
I emailed the blogger to let her know that I had won it before and that I wouldn't be upset if she did the draw again. 
She replied that she didnt see a problem with it and thought my readers would like another try!

so guess what? It arrived yesterday and today I went though it.

It was really neat to see that so much that was in there at the beginning (I was the second to win) that isnt there now. A lot was moved when she split it. This is the 11th hands it has been in. 

all that is left that I sent off was the santa, the burgundy place-mats and the pompoms and peachy bias binding. oh- and maybe some of the patterns.

This is what is going back into the box that was in there when I received it.
(Note my husbands hand in the upper left.)

I am amazed how much was fit into this box!
When I tried to pack all the stuff back in the box that is in that ^picture, it was hard AND I still had to add my stuff.

this is going back in

 Soo what am I adding?
Well you may know about my "slight" ikea fabric addiction - If not- go read about it.

Since I like you guys so much I have added FOUR half yards of my Ikea fabric to the Stash.

 I only have 2 of the fabrics shown here. I also added some 2 inch cut strips, a green and white and yellow muslin sheet, some fishing fabric and some scraps. 

Here is what I am keeping:
I couldnt get the block back in the box so I will keep it for a baby shower. I also have some flower fabric that is of the same line. 
I love the Psalm quotes and am excited to work them into a quilt somehow.
I also grabbed the quilting pattern. I think it will be a great pattern to follow with my hand quilting. 
oh and the blue fat quarters. 


Ok- and now the rules:
 You must be willing to continue the travelling stash giveaway. Once you receive the package, you must fill it up again with fabric from your stash and any fabric that you don't want that I've included. Then, you will have a giveaway on your blog, continuing the travelling stash.

I will do just a one comment per person - let me know where you are. I am curious to see who is reading this blog. 

Drawing will take place using on Wednesday, June 29th.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a critter UFO done!

I finished another quilt!!

well to be fair I finished last week.

This is the quilt top:
 and the back
 I started on back when I was pregnant with Zeke. I started to take lessons when I was about 4 weeks pregnant and continued lessons until the week before Zeke was due.

While I was getting lessons I was working on this quilt on my own. I had a friend give me a lot of scraps when she heard that I was starting quilting. A lot of them had bugs or other critters on them. I figured out a way to use the most of the fabric as I could but pairing them with solid blue and yellow.

I have no idea if this is an actual pattern. I just made it up from the top of my head. Do you know if it has a name?

I have been calling this my Critter Quilt.

I sent this away to be quilted by someone with a long arm quilter.

 we chose a green thread to show up on both the blue and yellow. (we were debating yellow or blue thread first)

And its finished and on my guest bed. I was thinking if we have a child #2 that Zeke might end up in this room.

I just kept making blocks for this quilt until one day I laid them out and had a lot! I sashed in red and bordered in a bug print and bound in green.
I remember having all the blocks done and at a friends house for our craft group and laying them out on the floor. I was at least 7 months pregnant crawling around the floor. trying to lay them out without a blue and a yellow beside each other as well as not having the same critters near each other.
I had to enlist my friends help to see if there was anything near each other and with final placement.
I then numbered them to keep them in order.
My favourite block!! the cat is split between two pieces and is purrfectly lined up. 

after a wash I love the little crinkling. 

the back

You can see that I put the binding on backwards. I first attached it to the front and then machine attached it to the back. It was better than the first one I machine bound (blog post to come)

the front - you can see the machine attaching on the front. 

all folded up

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Today is Fathers day.

I asked Zeke to go bring his daddy his present but he shook his head no- he was too busy playing with trains.

So I had to give it to him myself
I got him Zeke got him a Geocaching shirt.
It says: "I use multi-million dollar satellite equipment to find Tupperware in the woods!"

He figured out that we got him a shirt but thought we got him a #1 dad shirt or something like that.

We have had trouble finding shirts that were "big and tall" and had geocaching things on them.

I found a site ( that had big shirts! and with Geocaching slogans!! They were not tall shirts so I had to get Dave a size larger than normal.

When he put it on it was decently long.

He put it on right away and we headed off to church.

After church we headed off to go geocaching.

Here is his recap of his special day.

And some more of my pictures:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

my (slight) Ikea obsession

I brought a friend to the airport and stopped at Ikea on the way home.

They have a great children's department. 

They have a lot of different bedding options and matching accessories. They also have fabric bolts in the kids department to match so you can make other things that they do not have. 

I love the characters and patterns they have. (well most of them)

I always look to see what they have new.

Look what cute guys they had this time!

look how cute these guys are!!

Here is my Ikea fabric collection

just over 3 yards!

You may recognize some of the fabrics from other quilts. 
Although I haven't opened 1/2 of them!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Zekes Chair

I wanted a foam chair for Zeke for quite a while.

I didnt want one that had branding all over it (ie: Cars or princesses) so that took out the ones at Wal-mart.

One day when Dave's parents were here, his mom and I went to a local consignment shop- Once Upon A Child.

We both looked and she took off to another store with Zeke in tow. I had a few purchases and thought I would ask the cashier. I had missed it!! AND it was red AND batman.
I dont know if you know- but Dave thinks hes the best superhero. (requesting a Batman Quilt)

so here are some pictures of him and his chair over the last month and a half.

I dont know what Nora was thinking about

ahhhh, a bit of TV before bed


snack and drink

got the remote

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a jelly roll quilt

Do you remember this jelly roll? 
I bought it on our road trip

now its a big pile:
 Do you know what I'm making?

Its a The Jelly Roll 1,600 Quilt!
So- I made the quilt like this but I didnt like the big blue patch in the middle so I just took the last line I sewed out and sewed the other  sides together.
Its very interesting to see how the colours bunched together. (sorry about the dark picture)

it is now folded up in my "I'll get to it later" pile :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy 4th!

For this post I am going to have mostly pictures. These pictures are from my camera that day. 
I took some, my sister took others and someone else took some more. 

I hope you enjoy these few snapshots from our wedding.

(Oh - there are no pictures of the ceremony on my camera but I have a picture of me giving Dave a "look" because he had just turned to me and said "sucker" after we  signed the papers. )

We have had many laughs since!

My best friend and Photographer 

My tiara 

the footwear 

It is an old village made from old buildings from all over. Parts of "Anne of Green Gables" was also filmed here. 

me and my mom before

We brought my dads old car up in the trailer and I used that space to get ready in. This is me playing my DS while waiting. (didnt actually play much- soo excited)

all ready! coming out of the trailer

My side of the family

my siblings (see my shoe?)

Daves sister and family (I cant find the one with his whole side from my camera)

My dads 1928 Durant and the church we were wed in.
(no cars newer than 1960 were allowed into the village)

the best man with the maid of honours bouquet that he had to run and go get!

Me and the Maid of Honour

not the best view of the cake- but very cute and yummy

yes- I put a napkin on as a bib!

For the kissing game- we had people build us things from lego that we put out on the tables. 
They had to come up and tell everyone what it was and then we would kiss. 
this was one of the favourites- a "Bear Trap" (since our name has bear in it)
The bears were part of the favours. 

People have told me that it was one of the most relaxed weddings they have been too!

Happy Anniversary Honey! I expect many more laughs in the years to follow!!
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