Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day weekend project

Our backyard backs onto a creek and one section gets flooded out at least once a year. We also have normal erosion from rain washing our yard into the creek. 

(Dave's blog Here he has a better story style than I)

We talked to a friend of ours to see what we could do 

He suggested to make a berm with a rock spillway thing (I dont know what its called)

so we dug out the edge and filled it in with dirt

Zeke watched from the window when I got him up from his nap.

then he wanted to help

shoveling dirt into the wheelbarrow.

The filler we used was this hump in our backyard that we want to flatten. 

We followed up with top soil.

digging up the top soil

Dirty!! (and we even cleaned him up a bit)

helping bring the plants 

getting mulch

and its done!

I got a bit dirty.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

my Holiday weekend

Its Memorial Day weekend here in the states. Its very odd to me still as a Canadian I still think of May 2-4 more often.
May 24 is when we can plant flowers etc but I have had my plants in for almost 2 months already!

My sister came to visit me with her friends and their 4 month old twin girls for the 24 weekend.

Now its our turn.

We have been doing yard work- post later.

but today we had a blast.

First we went to Church and Sunday School- I love my church family.

Then we came home to change clothes (Zekes overalls came off themselves once he took his arms out!) and head up the mountain to Banner Elk. They were having their 3rd annual Herb Festival.

Now why would we want to go to a Herb Festival? Because our friend John Leland Green (and lead guy in our church's praise band) was preforming on his own up there and we went to support him.

Zeke managed to have fun while we were watching John

 We then went to do some geocaching!
 And found this:

Zeke wanted to grab some flowers.
I did this with my camera

Love <3

Saturday, May 28, 2011

not helping

for those who love fabric, I saw this link on another blog- sorry I dont remember which one.

I have not bought from them before but The Fabric Quarter is liquidating.

hope you can find some really good deals!


Friday, May 27, 2011

guest post (but not mine)

Have you ever read my husbands writing? he makes me laugh.

anyway - My friend Kendra posts something she calls the Errant Thought Roundup. She takes the poem:

I love, I love, I hate, I hate
I like, I wish, for goodness sake...
I hope, I hope, I pray, I pray
I will, I won't, and for today...

And fills in a thought for each section.

My husband decided to write a guest post for her. It made me laugh that tears came to my eyes as well as go awwww.

Go check it out! Errant Thought Round Up 31 GUEST POST

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our 3 week Road trip Summery

As promised, here is a summery of our trip and links to Dave's posts that he wrote each night

Day 1, April 16th:
Left home and arrived in Birmingham, Alabama (about a week before the tornado- God is awesome for small blessings!!)
We had some stops in Tennessee
Dave's Blog: Sweet Home Alabama 

Day 2, April 17th:
Birmingham Alabama to Vicksburg Mississippi.
Vicksburg is very pretty- I would go back to that town to explore it some more.

Day 3, April 18th:
Vicksburg MS to  Russellville AR.
We did a stop in Little Rock at the Clinton Library.

Day 4, April 19th:
Russellville Arkansas to Shamrock TX
We went though Oklahoma City and some driving on Route 66. Oklahoma had the most construction that we drove though.
Dave's Blog: Oklahoma, OK!

Day 5, April 20th:
Shamrock TX to Albuquerque NM
We did a lot of Geocaching this day including the Cadillac Ranch and some along Route 66.
Dave's Blog: Route 66

Day 6, April 21st:
Day spent in Albuquerque.
Went to the Very Large Array, saw some Petroglyph's and Old Town

Day 7, April 22nd:
Albuquerque New Mexico to Flagstaff Arizona.
National Parks (Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.) We saw a meteor crater and stood on a corner in Winslow AZ.
Dave's Blog: Desert Rocks

Day 8, April 23rd:
Day spent with a sick baby, laundry, a trip to the ER and Dave getting sick.
Dave's Blog: Illness and Fatigue 

Day 9, April 24th:
Day at the Grand Canyon- VERY awesome.
Dave's Blog: Ain't it Grand

Day 10, April 25th:
Day trip to Phoenix AZ for quilting things and Daves most favourite cache
Dave's Blog: Phoenix

Day 11, April 26th:
From Flagstaff, AZ to Las Vegas, NV
A bit of a rant about the Hover Dam pet policy.
Dave's Blog: The Hover Maneuver 

Day 12, April 27th:
A day in Vegas.
We explore the strip in the day and Zeke takes a LONG nap and we stay out til 10 pm
Dave's Blog: Viva Rock Vegas

Day 13&14, April 28 & 29:
Las Vegas, NV to Albuquerque, NM to Colorado Springs, CO.
Travel days to get to Colorado Springs
Dave's Blog: Race to Colorado

Day 15&16&17, April 30, May 1 and May 2nd
In Colorado Springs, CO
Visiting my Friend KC and their 3 kids.
Dave's Blog: Garden of the Gods

Day 18, May 3rd:
Colorado Springs, CO to Salina KS
Stops at a HUGE Van Gogh, oldest active geocache, and Cathedral of the Plains
Dave's Blog: Go East Young Man

Day 19 and 20, May 4th and 5th:
Salina KS to O'Fallon MO to Lexington KY
Many geocaches, Multiple states, an arch and soon to be home
Dave's Blog: 100th Meridian

Day 21, May 6th:
Lexington, KY to HOME in NC!!! Asheville
A stop to see Colonel Sanders and a cache in Ashville.
Link to all of Dave's pictures included and the stats of our trip.
Dave's Blog: Homecoming 

So there you have it- A quick summery of our vacation.
again- here is the post I did when we got back and how Zeke traveled.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dave's Parents visit

Dave's parents came for a 4 day visit. It was a nice long weekend mostly spent at home.
Dave's dad likes to do projects. This time he took the doors off the bathroom cupboards and sanded them all down. There were at least 4 colours on the doors!
Now I just need to sand and prep around the doors, then Paint!

in Nana arms looking at Papa
Helping Papa water
Nana's chocolate chip cookies are good

playing bubbles

love that funny face he pulls- doeasnt even look like him!

going to blow a bubble

he did not like the taste of it!!!

going for a walk

helping Papa

It was a wonderful visit.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Helper

Took the sprinkler from the yard to water the plants

thats better- a hose

Helping Poppa

Good job!

Whats in here Poppa?

helping paint

and had to touch it!

Helping mow the lawn (and Dave did NOT have his mower on)

look at the good job hes doing!

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