Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zekes train quilt

A long time ago I came across a blog called "Quilt Dad" and saw a quilt on there that I remembered.

So when I pulled out some Thomas the Train fabric to make a quilt for his new big boy bed I remembered it. Then I had to go find it.

It took over 45 min to find!!

here it is:

now that I could figure out how to modify to my needs :)

I measured Zekes bed and then wanted to make it only a little bit bigger. I was aiming for 69x36... odd size i know- but Ikea toddler beds are not standard size- they are longer.

It ended up being 67x37
here is how I work things out:

could you follow that?? hehe

1. Sew sashing between blocks

2. sew middle blocks with sashing

3. sew sashing on either side of middle blocks

4. sew middle blocks and sashing to main blocks

6. realize you want it a bit bigger and add some white to the sides

7. call long arm quilter to quilt it

8. admire

9. bind quilt

 10. be amazed at how closely you measured the binding (thats all I had left- it made me a bit nervous)

 11. smile at dogs preferred location

 12. take picture of quilt all bound.

13. enjoy seeing it on a bed and that your son loves it

opps- baby belly got in the way!

oh and here is a video of Zeke getting his quilt on his bed after moving into his new room


Annette... said...

I also made this quilt for my son in a space design...I love your all over quilt pattern your long arm quilter used - do you know what it is called or if there is a template for it?

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