Thursday, July 4, 2019

A quilt for Dad

Mom and dad were on a cross the USA trip when they found this panel. 
My dad owned/owns New Holland tractors and it not that common to find them in prints or fabric because the red massys and green John Deere tend to be the ones people recognize. 

So dad asked if I could make him quilt, and how much fabric he would needs for a large lap quilt. 
I gave him some very general answers since we didnt know what the design would be. 

He did a great job picking out fabrics that matched!

Since they were on the road trip we were sending sketches back and forth. Dad drew those ones trying to make it easy for me with not knowing what i could and couldnt do. 

He ended up liking the stars and courthouse steps for blocks

I started it at retreat and finished it there. 
Everyone was praising dads colour choices. 

I surprised him by finding two more fabrics in that dame line as the panel and used it for the center of the courhouse steps and across the top and bottom of the panel.

he loved the stars!

I had sent it to get quilted and I had her do like a tractor tires. I had her make it go in two directions like a field. 

love this binding!

Then we waited. 
I gave mom a sneak peak but then deleted the photo. When the basement got water in it, this was the only quilt I brought upstairs to make sure nothing happened to it. (nothing was destroyed in my quilt room or other rooms in the basement) 

When we went to Canada I couldnt wait to give it to my dad!

standing on the chair... luckily he didnt fall. 

He walked around for a while like this

Then at night I saw him examining it. 

With all the kids at home over the Canada Day weekend, dad hid it in the office after showing it off first!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Quilt for Stephanie

Stephanie contacted me last year to commission me to make her two t-shirt quilts with her late husbands t-shirts.

I made one for Marley earlier this year. click her name if you want to read about it. 

I realized as i was laying it that i had more t-shirts and could make it bigger- so I did. It got the two outside columns and another top and bottom row after this layout. 

Im so glad this was off at the quilters when our basement flooded. 

I love the challenge of having the rows different heights and making the widths match up, but its oh so much math! lol

quilted mountains

and quilted clouds

clouds meet the mountains


and she was able to come and pick it up. I had her daughter bring her and didnt tell her it was ready. I think she figured it out when they drove up my street. 

I was glad to get this to her before the one year anniversary. 

A quilt for Kendra again :D

Kendras having another baby!!

ok- so She has had him as of this posting but not when I gave her this quilt.

I will keep this simple and just show pictures- but know I have done others for her because I like her that much (just check my blog :) )

my fb teaser photo

top together- a very easy quilt- i recommend it!




the neighbouring tables loved it too

and same with our waitress

Welcome to the world, Grant!

A quilt for mom

At quilt retreat this winter I made a couch quilt for mom.
It was a surprise for her :D

I had found some fabric that I thought she would love and came up with a pattern that would use it all

I also did some of my first free motion quilting. As i got to the edges i felt a little more confident and played a little.

she likes it!

backing reminds me of sheets we had on our beds when we were little.



heart and "love"

high 5 or waving hand


Love you mom!

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