Friday, August 31, 2012

quick quilt top

While at my mom and dads I wanted to get some quilting in as we were there for 3 weeks!

I figured that I could have people watch my kids while I got to play :)
 they happily agreed!

I grabbed some cheap fabric (small charm pack and jelly roll) from walmart and returned home to find out that my mom no longer has a sewing machine!

Luckily my sister was coming home and brought her sewing machine for me!

but I only had one day to use it!

Then my other sister asked if I could make her an apron and so we used the "backing fabric" and some of the jelly strips. You can find that here

I set up in the kitchen area and started working. 

I got the apron done and then most of the quilt top. My sister then decided that she was going to leave the sewing machine at mom and dads so I didnt rush to finish the top. 

A couple days later I got it finished. 

I love the stained glass look- I put it in the sliding glass door. 

Then I tried to take it outside... it was a tad windy!

 So here it is inside :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zekes new room

This is a Photo HEAVY post about transforming the guest room into Zekes new room/guest room.

before- but cleaned up

helping Poppa

I LOVE this colour blue!

Daves dad did all the prep work and the painting

moving Zeke in

my dad helped with stickers and curtains and furniture

the quilt mommy made for his bed (and her preggers belly)

Came to get him from his nap and found him like this

Now after living in it for a few months: 

Still has the guest bed for company

all furniture is ikea except the wooden chair
night time reading :)

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