Sunday, July 22, 2012

April's shower and quilt

April is a friend from church. 
She is having a boy in about 4 weeks and has done his nursery in sailboats. 

I went to Hickory (where I thought I would have the best luck finding sailboat fabric) to start the search. I went to 2 fabric stores (I had no luck at Hancocks) and started to think about searching online. Then I remembered the store where I bought my sewing machine. It was about 15 minutes further away from home so I found their card and called them. Hurray! they had some!
(This is when I also got the monkey fabric for this quilt)

About a week later I was in the Hickory Walmart and came across 3, THREE other prints with sail boats. So I bought them and used one as the backing. The other two will be quilted together as another quilt for down the line. 

once I got home I started to design a quilt.
I was going to make 10 inch log cabin blocks with fussy cut centers. 

Which I did. 

I just measured wrong. 
I forgot to measure that the block would increase in size on BOTH sides of the center block!

This made it that the final block would be 14 inches square. 

I realized this when I was 1/2 way done the second round of the log cabin. 
so I stopped. 
just like that I stopped and sewed what I had together. 

The blocks are 12 inches square and look pretty good even though they are not quite complete. 

Finished size is apx 36x50, a nice lap sized quilt for a little boy as he grows. 

I quilted in the ditch in straight lines using the center blocks as a guide. 



I think they look good together

I love how fluffy this turned out to be. 

and here are the pictures from the shower:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Holidays

So as Canadians in the States we have 2 holidays we like to celebrate.

First off is July 1st- Canada Day.
Its hard to find any celebration down here to this year we decided to head up the mountain to Blowing Rock after church. We grabbed some Subway along the way and had a picnic at a park.

Dave and Zeke went caching with Ninjachipmunk while I stayed and nursed Abigail.

We arrived home in time to put the kids in bed and watch the hail come down.

That brings us to July 4th Independence day.
our children were born in the states to Canadian parents so they get dual citizenship making both these shirts true for Abigail
100% Canuck

I'm made in America 

One of Daves co-workers invited people out to his place for a pool party.
He has a very awesome pool! its an infinity pool with a hot tub at the bottom of the water fall.

flying whale

Problem is he doesnt have a view!

Here are all the photos from these 2 days if you care to look:

Monday, July 2, 2012

May Scavenger Hunt special winner

Over on Google+ there is this amazingly awesome person called Chrysta Rae (go check her out!)
Every few months she puts on a photography scavenger hunt(rules at that link if you want to look). She gives those that signed up 10 items and one month to find them. You cannot go into old picture files- they must be made after the list is given.

over 300 people participated in the last hunt.

One person who was not a judge gave some prizes for Chrysta to give to whomever she wanted for what ever reason in EACH of the categories.

and I won one of them!

This is what she wrote:

Chrysta Rae

Jun 13, 2012  -  Public
Special AWARDS for the May Scavenger Hunt for PINK:

I have chosen +Debbie DeBaeremaeker to receive my special award.
Over the last 4 hunts I have heard many, many reasons why people had to drop out of the scavenger hunt from "my cat is sick" (seriously) to work, to they forgot... etc. etc. And although it never bothers me - as real life always comes first - the people who DO the hunt,  who sign up and PARTICIPATE are the stand-up kinda people I truly appreciate and love.
Now... Debbie did the hunt,
oh yes, she did it...
WHILE full-term pregnant,
then HAD her baby girl, Abigail,
and still FINISHED her hunt.
(this "pink" shot was taken while still in the hospital!
I am more than impressed with you, Debbie.
I sorta have a you-kick-a$$ crush on you. xoxoxox

July's hunt has started! Wish me luck!
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