Thursday, July 29, 2010


Its still in the house.
Dave is outside doing something with the lawn mower- changing the oil I think.
Zeke had a bath and wanted to go to bed early.


Just a fan blowing.

The lundry still needs to be finished... did you see the pile at the end of this youtube video? That was only half of it. I got about 3/4 of it done today with Zekes help.

I should be folding the rest but I'm taking a few me moments.
I will get it done while Dave is watching TV later.

I wonder if Zeke will sleep until 7:30 like normal (today was 8) or because he went to bed 45 min early if he will wake up early. humm. I rather he get up at 7:30 or 8.

ok- so this quiet is starting to get a bit too much. Maybe I will pull up some youtube videos or see what I have on my computer.


some of Barenaked Ladies Greatest Hits

so I think I will admit to something silly.
Last night Dave and I took Zeke on a walk down our street and on the way back I somehow tripped up on the wheel or something (and going downhill) that I twisted my ankle and landed on my knees. Zekes stroller ended up on the ground too- but he thought it was a fun ride (just went back so the handles hit the ground)
I think I may have hit harder because I was trying to stop Zeke from hitting the ground.
So I tore my newest capris and have a scrapped knee and a sore ankle.
This is NOT to garner sympathy but just for me to tell a story and thats all I have right now.

Dave has returned so this ends me time.

Have a great night.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zeke having fun

Zeke had pushed it into the hallway so I turned him around and he pushed it back (it started out right by the plug)

For some reason this wasnt working in youTube. So I hope it works here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hall Way part 1

Dave didnt want me to post the pictures of the painted hallway until we were done - but i cant help it. I want to share :)

Heres a reminder of the wallpaper.

And here is it now:

with flash looking at guest room:

without flash looking from guest room

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bathroom makeovers

We had Bath Fitters come in and redo our shower and tub.

The shower (in the guest room) was a complete remodel as they had to rip out the old shower and build us a newer/ bigger one.

I forgot to take a before picture but in this picture you can see how the new drywall is much smaller then the new shower floor. The original shower was a bit smaller than that.

and here is the after picture of our nice new shower :)

That was done in 2 days.

A week later we had them come out and do our other bathtub.

They were able to complete it in less than 7 hours.

here is the before and after:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

3 week road trip

What a crazy trip!

We took a 3 week vacation in which we drove though 13 states and 2 provinces. (stats taken from daves blog )

We drove about 3300 miles (time for an oil change!), paid over $35 in tolls.

Traveling with Zeke went pretty good actually. He got a bit off schedule but trying to keep his schedule made us keep a slower pace and see more.

here is a brief itinerary of what we did :)

6/19/2010 Left Lenoir about 7 am and spent the night near DC
6/20/2010 Geocached on the way to Philadelphia at Kendras apartment
6/21/2010 Day in Philly- did you know they have 13 story tellers around the city and if you visit all of them you get ice cream?
6/22/2010 Drive to Mystic CT (via Statue Of Liberty lookout)
6/23/2010 Mystic for the day, ate at Mystic Pizza, hung out in state park
6/24/2010 Stayed in a central location -visited Plymouth Rock (disappointing)
6/25/2010 explore cape cod area, Chip factory, beach
6/26/2010 Explore Boston via walking trail
6/27/2010 Went to beach in Maine
6/28/2010 Drove to Montreal via Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory
6/29/2010 Montreal QC
6/30/2010 Geocached on way to Ottawa
7/1/2010 Spent Canada Day in Ottawa, saw the Queen
7/2/2010 Kingston at Justins house
7/3/2010 Stay in Kingston
7/4/2010 Visited with Brampton Friends and stayed at Andreas in TO.
7/5/2010 Went downtown Toronto and saw the queen again, got Poutine. Went to Daves sister- stayed in Dunnville
7/6/2010 Schilstra Family gathering
7/7/2010 Visit Family
7/8/2010 Lunch at the Mandarin with Daves parents
7/9/2010 Headed towards home. Stoped at 7pm
7/10/2010 Arrived home at 3pm

It was such a great trip though!

heres a link to the photos:

Andreas quilt made it home

well Andreas quilt is done and in her hands!

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