Sunday, January 29, 2012

quilt mojo returns

so you all know by now that I havent done much quilting in the last 4-5 months since getting pregnant.

I had a friend who had her baby 6 weeks early back in December.
I finished a top for the quilt and it sat on my table for a looong time. (we did go to Canada for 3 weeks in there)

I saw him this past Sunday and he was 8 weeks old or so and I realized I better get going on the quilt for him!! so I quilted it Sunday afternoon. I finished it up by Thursday to take to my quilt guild for show and tell.

I then took it home and machine did the binding (after hand stitching.)

I had a couple issues with this quilt with the binding that I havent done in so long!! I guess I was away from quilting too long and forgot it! Mostly it was the fact I didnt use a 1/4 inch on sewing it down.

I machine put the binding down to make sure it would survive the many washes :)

Signed and you can see I used a fancier stitch on the binding

 I only used my walking foot for the quilting. 
I didnt want to to though the panel so I stitched in the ditch there.
 I never measured it to see how big it was! oh well
The backing was perfect for such an early and loved little one

Here is Loren and Alex and baby Asher with their present at church today.


wanderingthroughmoreh said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful, and creative gift this is! Thank you so much!

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