Thursday, April 29, 2010

Andreas quilt

I had grand plans for Andrea's quilt but also wanted a simple, fun, quick quilt so I could learn how to use the long arm quilting machine at a local quilt shop (Nana's in Hudson)

Here it is all laid out:

next up- sewing!

(when i can get some time! lol)

Enjoy Andrea

Daves Blog

So Dave has joined me in my quest to keep up a blog by restarting his.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

not peachy keen

So I tried Zeke with peaches today: this is the reaction I got.

It is the same reaction for bananas too!

Also today I left Zeke on the floor here:

and came back about 5 minutes later to find him here:

Im going to have my hands full soon!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dave's Home!

I picked up Dave at the airport this morning.

Since we were in Charlotte and only 10 minutes from Ikea. Guess where we went? 3 times in 7 days! not too shabby!

Do you think the dogs missed him?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Big helper!

Zeke has been helping me out!

here he is helping me fold his bibs!

making curtains

Well I got this brilliant idea when I was in Ikea last week.

I found a shower curtain that would match Zekes room.

My mom has used shower curtains in the past for curtains I think... maybe it was sheets- either way, I got it in my head that I can make it work.

step 1 - buy sheet

Step 2 - cut sheet in half

Step 3 - iron edge over

Step 4 - Iron edge over one more time

Step 5 - sew it keeping the edges turned in

Step 6 - hang and enjoy!

It took all afternoon to make using Zeke time.... but it can be done in under 30 minutes!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


ok- for those of you who dont know me and my house- A LOT of it is Ikea. I love it.

Zekes bedroom set is ikea, the tv stand, our bedroom set (til we moved the bed to the guest room) and a bunch of other stuff!

anyhoo- I was there on Saturday when I dropped Dave off and had plans to go with Deborah today (Wednesday)

So off to Ikea we went after the roofing guy showed up.
After being there on Saturday you would think I would have nothing else I *needed*. Well you would be wrong!

Dave is probably looking at the bank account wondering what I bought!!

Here is my spoils:

I broke my tea pot about a year ago and didnt find one that I liked til now!
I also found these side plates that I will use for serving dishes- I think they are cute!

Remember that wallpaper post? well the paint will also need to go in the guest bathroom and new hardware on the doors. I found these that I liked.

Deborah found these for me!
The cookie cutters have: a moose, wolf, bear, porcupine, whale, and squirrel.

Deborah also found these for us. This is a great "bib" for when Zeke is at church.

over 3 yards for $7.99! I couldnt pass it up :) (sorry dear!)

Have I mentioned that I love Ikea?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hitting the bottle

I like pictures so a lot of my posts will have mostly pictures :)

Zeke loves playing with moms water bottle

when i was at Ikea on saturday I got a new moose for Zeke

We also got a new high chair:

Also taken today:

its kinda sad that those blooms are falling off but new blooms are starting elsewhere!

Monday, April 19, 2010


So we are trying to get this old house looking a bit more up to date.
We have a lot of wallpaper in this house- some of it is ok but most is ugly!

here are some pictures:
the kitchen~ not too bad:

the spare bedroom: livable for now:

Our bathroom- easy to peal off- working on it

Guest bathroom- they even papered the mirror! and pink cupboards! needs to be redone

the hall way:

So we trying to remove the wallpaper and its difficult! i think they put a layer of drywall stuff or something behind the wallpaper making it hard to remove.

If you have any suggestions let me know!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

its been a long time!

wow- its been over 7 months since the last post i put here on my blog.

a lot has happened since then-
I got a really really bad case of poison ivy.
I had my son on Oct 15, 2009 via C-section with the poison ivy. That was not so fun.
born 10 lbs even- I was very glad that I had the C-section.
My parents came up for the weekend he was born.
Daves parents came up the next weekend.

Zeke was baptized on Nov 1

Christmas parties were fun- even being snowed in up the mountain for the Google Christmas Party. We got to know John and Joni a bit better.

Went to Canada in Dec for Christmas with our families. Everyone loved him and he got to meet his aunts and uncles (except uncle Tim- he is in Korea)

In January I started back to volunteering at Koinania at the front desk. This is perfect because its Zekes nap time so we dont have too many issues.

Dave and I also started fostering dogs for Pet Partners Network. Thats a group that is trying to get a no kill shelter in our county. Right now Animal Care and Control kills 5000 a year.
Through our fostering we ended up adopting a puppy named Snoppy. Hes a male cocker spaniel mix.

We also help out with Pet Partners when they have adopt-a-thons.

My friend Deborah and I stated going to baby time groups and have been enjoying that.

Dave, myself, Aaron and Deborah, and Michael all rented a house for a week in Charleston, SC for a work trip. Deborah and I got to hit the town while the guys went to work.... we had a blast down there!

Then there was easter and mom and dad came to visit us. We have lots of visitors in May coming down.

heres a couple pictures of my son!

I hope to keep this up again... so check in again!

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