Sunday, September 26, 2010

in other related news

I have switched the guest room around. I now have room for a table in there for my sewing so I dont have to take up the dining room table.

It means a bit less room to get around the other side of the bed. But I'm here longer then guests :P
I can take out the table when guests come and pack up my supplies and I have a lot of floor space available.
three shelves of quilting so far

I also moved some of my fabric stash into there.

to go though (including some that is moving on)

Upper shelf L-R - car mats, boy fat quarters with cars and trucks, completed quilt tops
Middle shelf - fabric I love. Ikea bolts (from the kids section) in the back,
Front L-R - Fat quarters inc. winter themes, scraps, bee fabric on bottom of stack, crayon quilt fabric in middle and random rolls on top, larger pieces of fabric with a Noah's ark on top.
bottom Shelf- batting, extra thread etc, books

Decisions, Decisions

Since I can't make up my mind- I'm turning to my cyber friends.

Which quilt top configuration do you prefer?

all mixed up

mixed up 2

mixed up 3 (aka- the sideways one)

or all in rows?

I know they all seem to be the same (except the all in rows one) but they are laid out differently.

Friday, September 24, 2010

what a mess

Well those of you who have babies knows what its like to feed a little one.

You also know how exciting it is once they try to feed themselves.

For those of you who dont- have fun when its your turn!

Zeke loves to spit out his food with raspberries because hes not huge on baby food. We are trying all kinds of things to get him to eat baby food. We give him "real" food pieces and when he is chewing that we shovel in the baby food.

Another recent method is to let Zeke try it himself.

Here is Zeke learning how to get a spoon to his mouth:

this of course is a big mess for both mommy and babe.

So then we get to hop in the bathtub.

He has learned how to squeeze his squirt toys. This makes mommy wet and squeak. This makes Zeke laugh and do it again :)

I love this little guy. Even if he makes messes.

Monday, September 20, 2010


has it been that long since the last post?

well i will be posting another soon, but for now you get another video:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Zekes latest video

In this video:
Zeke says his first words (as we believe them to be)
Zeke going though some of his books
Zeke sharing a kleanex
Zeke knocking down a tower
Zeke playing the piano
Zeke chasing puppies

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hickory American Legion Fair

We went to the Hickory Fair on Friday evening.
We got to see many sights- many of which Zeke has not seen before.

Racing pigs and ducks

A clown

a billy goat

He was a bit scared of some of the animals

A video of a couple things we watched. I think the dog one was a bit long- oh well.

We had a great day. I even got to have a Candy Apple!

We didnt see that many of the weird deep fried stuff (didnt look for it either) but the place we got a funnel cake was also selling deep fried oreos and chocolate bars.
I also had corn on the cob and some onion rings. Dave got a hot dog and fries. I later got a sausage.
Zeke of course got bites of our stuff. I fed him during the acrobats teaser. Too bad i dont have those same distractions at home when I feed him- I dont think he spilled any on his bib that time!

What is your favourite fair food?

Friday, September 3, 2010

a couple of links

Here is a couple of links that I think you need to check out:

From Kendra @Southern Disposition:
What do men and women wonder:

From The Art of Being Lost:
a photo

So today I got a phone call from my Father-on-law.
He was trying out Google's new call a phone feature.
They are offering free calls to Canada and the USA. YAY!

It worked out really well. There was a tad bit of a delay at the beginning but then it sounded just like a phone call to me. This is great as making free phone calls home would be wonderful!
I only have a pay as you go phone so I haven't been calling home as much as I should.
I do talk to mom on MSN, Facebook, or Google chat at least once a week. We even sometimes get to do a video chat. But its nice knowing I can make a call.
Maybe I should get one of those headphone/microphone things to use for that.

How often do you talk to your parents or siblings?

My mom and dad and zeke (April 2010)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Its a Moms life

This video is floating around facebook right now.
I have enjoyed it.
I hope you enjoy it too

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