Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

This Past weekend was a wonderful one. We were able to go back to Canada and see our friends get married!

Ryan and Christine are perfect for each other!

Dave was in the wedding party as a groomsman and I was the 'Mistress' of Ceremonies for the Reception.

I think i did a good job as people were thanking me for it later. (most of them were the older bunch though.. humm....)

A few jokes fell flat as any good marriage joke might- but I had a fun pass the gift game. I was happy to see that the gift went back and forth across the room a few times.

We took a long weekend to get there in time to preform our duties.
We left Lenoir on Thursday morning at 6am! We arrived at Amanda's hair shop in Welland around 5 (that makes it about 12 hours to mom and dads)
We spent the night at mom and dads and left early Friday to pick up Dave's tux in Mississauga at 10 am. From there we headed to Colbourg which is a further 2.5 ish hours.
We were able to have lunch with Ryan while Christine and the girls were at a spa.
Friday night we met many of their families at the get together. There was no rehearsal because they were not able to get into the hall til 9am Sat. Afterwards we all went back to Christine and Amy's room with some drinks and hung out til 10pm. Ryan tried to get back to the room they would be using on their wedding night but he was followed (apparently they are bad for tricks on the new married couple in his family) so he came back to our room and we chatted til 11 or so. Then it was time for bed!

Saturday I didnt have much to do so I went to the Hall where the Reception and Wedding were taking place. I helped with the decorations as well as trying to keep Chris' mom calm (success in first but not second). With a few minor things it was all set for the wedding. I headed back to the hotel to change and then go get lunch where Christine was getting ready.

Andrea (my best friend) was there as the Photographer so I got to spend some time with her. I helped her later with some photos too.

The Ceremony went off with only a glitch or two (the person playing the CD couldnt see when to change the song ect)

Pictures went well and so did the Reception.

really- im just running out of things to say.
so here are a few photos :)
(i have more on Facebook)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

moving hassels

well we made it!
we are now living in Lenoir.
It has been quite the experience and we still dont have internet.

ok- here we go
Friday Oct. 3
We signed for the house on Friday at 11 am.
We got to the house and then left to so some errands.
We spent the night in the house on our air mattress.

We woke up at 8am and realized that there was cleaning and things to do but our stuff wasn't coming til Wednesday. We decided to to to Myrtle Beach to visit Dave's parents. They go there every other year or so for the month of Oct.
We also wanted to surprised Dave's sisters family since they were also coming up that weekend.
It was a good day, apx 4 hour drive. (but it took us a bit longer due to stops)we had a good time swimming in the ocean, shell collecting, and hanging out. We did surprise his sisters family! They did not expect to see us at all!

We went to the ocean after breakfast, went swimming. After lunch Jenn and I went shopping. We got back home just after 4 pm and Dave was ready to head for home.
We arrived after dark and discovered that they power was shut off!!! (I keep wanting to call it hydro)
When we had called them on Friday and paid our deposit- they said there would be no disruption of power. We couldn't blow up our air mattress.
So it was 9pm and we didn't want to meet our neighbours(im going to have to learn how to spell the American way soon) this way so we went to the hotel another night.

Dave brought me back to the house and he left for work while I cleaned (sweeping dusting etc). We still had water though- I like being on City water!
While I was taking a break on our screened in porch I saw our neighbour(-u) letting out her dogs- so I said hi to her. After she put the dogs back inside she came over to chat and found out that we had no power. She drive me into town to see if we could deal with it. (in the end we got power on Tuesday)
A bit later in the afternoon she came by with a cold pop (soda) and crackers and an invitation for Dinner.

We had chicken wings (done on then BBQ, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and buns... soo soo yummy - esp after eating out!!
We found out that they just got married this past year and that their house is just as old as ours and needs a bit more work.
They let us use their power to blow up our air mattress.

I had my first visitors. A couple Google wives came over (MC and Deborah)and brought some yummy treats.
while they were over I got a phone call tell me that our furniture was arriving that day! that was very exciting!
So after they left I took some empty house photos and will upload the full house ones later. Dave came home from work the same time the people arrived. They had a huge truck! All our stuff did not fill it though.
Check out the photos.

The guy to turn on our power also arrived as they were unloading. The whole process took 4 hours? not even.

The last few days have been mostly unpacking boxes and putting things away. I would say (one week later) that we are 90% done. I think that is very good! now all thats left is the little stuff that never seems to be unpacked.

We also found out that our hot water was heated by gas and not electricity. So we had to call them and we got our gas turned on on Wednesday.

On Friday I went scrap booking at MCs house. I also got to meet her neighbour and see her house- its huge!

on Sat. more unpacking and Dave worked on the fence. He wants to get a dog in Nov. We have discovered that he is allergic to Caylee. He started to break out in a rash again once we started to unpack all the stuff and cat hair was flying around again. That really sucks cuz I love cats, oh well. That evening Dave and I went to a movie in Hickory. (30min away)

Sunday we went to a Presbyterian Church, Excellent preacher but boring music. we will keep church shopping

Monday we went to the pet store in Hickory to get stuff for Dave's fist tank.

Tuesday I went for a walk with Deborah and Courtney and am now sitting in the library for 3 hours catching up on things and doing some research for my role as an MC on the 24th

so thats my life til now.
We hope to get internet soon. We cant right now without a social security number. That should be done by the end of the month.
I also cannot get a cell phone without a SSN either. So right now I bought a pay as you go one. It will get me through this month with out racking up Dave's Toronto phone bill.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

what a week!!

Well this has been quite a week...

We flew to Ireland and spent the night there and flew home. If we translate all times to EST we woke up at 2 am and got on an 8 hour flight to Philadelphia. After a 3 hour stop over we landed at just after 10 pm and arrived at may parents house just after midnight and to bed at 1 am. Dave's parents picked us up from the airport and brought us all the way to my parents house.

Here is a short breakdown of what happened in the last week.

Found out that starter in car is busted
My grandparents came over for coffee
Had lunch with Andrea
Found out that Dave's credit card number was used at Staples in Calgary $1500
Dinner with mom and dad and Amanda

Drove to Mississauga in mom and dads truck
Stopped at Chapters to get books
Went to Christine's Bridal shower and totally surprised her!
After the Shower we went bowling and out for dinner with Annette, Aaron, Amy, Ryan and Christine.
Went to dinner at Kelsey's (and Dave finally had the 4 cheese spinach dip and wings that he has been craving!)

Drove mom and dads truck to Dave's parents
Went to CrossPoint CRC (our home church)
Went to Dave's sisters new house for lunch
Got Enzo back
Went to meet Dave's Uncle for coffee

Dave drove to work in Toronto
Amanda was over and we went shopping in town
Had lunch with Dad and Amanda at Bobs place
Picked up some groceries with Amanda
Picked mom up at her work
Picked up Dave's car from the mechanic
Had supper
Dave came home from work
Went for drive and hit a raccoon.
Damage control at Mikes

Visit to our banker
Dave stayed home at mom and dads and did some work and cleaned car
I went shopping at Seaway mall and got pants
Hair cut at Amanda's
Back to Dunnville and shopped at Giant Tiger and I got socks and a shirt
Picked up Godfathers Pizza for supper
Packed car

We left mom and dads at 7am and arrived at 6:30 pm
This included 3 gas stops and a lunch break and an hour at the border.

the border crossing went very well. We had to wait in line for 40 minutes and then only 20 min of paper work for moving to the states. Thats it!!! and we are good to cross the border til 2011.

it rained all the way til we got to the border of West Virginia and Virginia

So we ahve been driving around and checking things out. We cannont get me a cell phone without US credit or a SSN (social security number) and we also cannot get Internet to the house without it either.
We are also having to pay a lot of deposits for things since we dont really exist in this country apparently.

We are hoping to sign the papers to get the house at 11 am Friday.
Our furniture doesn't arrive til maybe Wednesday.

We will be camping in our own house! yay!

hope to see you all down here sometime soon!!
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