Monday, September 29, 2014

Zeke at the Dentist

Zeke went to the dentist today. 

for the first time, I know - it was kinda late but im glad I'm waited because Zeke was very very good and still. 

 looking at floss

Feeling the air
Open wide!!

He did soo well! he kept his mouth open the whole time. He wouldn't even close his mouth to swallow. He sat so still for the hygienist but later wouldn't let the dentist look in his mouth.

Brushing with new toothbrush and new jammies (new jammies unrelated to dentist visit and more to do with watching star wars with daddy saturday)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

decorating the barn

For my sisters wedding we decorated the barn.

these are some progression photos

empty barn- putting up the poles to drape it across

side panels up

ceiling piece up

last minute fixing up of corners and edges

tables up.
The chairs took forever to cover!

with lights on

table setting

filled with people!

cleaning up

oh and here is the head table

tables up

looks snazzy with the purple up lighting

in use :)

play kitchen

We have a great space in the basement for the kids to play in.

its a barely finished room down there but it has potential.

Abigail was given a new kitchen set by a friend and it came with all the kitchen supplies. Those combined with what she already had made for some messes that were often stored in a old diaper box.

I went looking for a kind of shelf to store the food and plates etc in.

I ended up at Big Lots where I found the perfect solution. a drawer thingy.

sorry for the pictures- I just used my cell phone.

the top bunch of drawers are the plates and other dishes

 the bottom is all the food

And all the pots and pans go in the basket under the microwave

pretty cute I think :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of school 2014

Once again the school year is upon us. 

This year Zeke is in the 5 day 4 year old PreK class at his preschool. 
Abigail starts this year in the 3 day/week 2 year old class at the same preschool. 

I take pictures at the hutch so you can see how they grow year by year.

Zeke started on tuesday and Abigail on wednesday

Abigail not wanting to pose for me

She wanted to change outfits

Zeke heading in

Abigail going in. She loves her backpack

Zeke actually went to his classroom all by himself while i put Abigail in her room. 

Both did so well, no tears! mommy either :)
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