Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quilts for the Schools

This is just a bonus quilt- enjoy

Both of my kids schools got raffle quilts from me this year. 

This first one was won in a raffle by Amiee.
We raised just over $200 for the preschool!! so awesome!

This is the quilt that the elementary school got. 
Ii went in a silent raffle and im not sure what it made. but someone told me it was over 150 at some point. 

Quilt retreat May 2017

Twice a year my quilt guild goes on a quilt retreat. THey usually go for 5 nights but I cannot get away that long.
This year I was able to go up on Thursday night and leave sunday morning. That gave me 2.5 days of sewing time. 

top done. I have always wanted to make a plus quilt and finally did. 

wore sewing related lularoe- pin leggings and hexie top

basting on the floor sucks

quilt finished. I woke up friday and designed this. and made it and quilted it and finished it with binding by midnight. 
this is for a friend who likes orange and her house is grey

I also finished this snowball quilt top (polar bears in some blocks)

I also made these mug things for end of year teacher gifts. 5 in total

Lenoir Show 2017

The local Arts Council has a show once a year to showcase local artists. 

these are the 2 entries I put in. 

these guys are called "hang in there"

Together I called these "the escapees" 

This is a quilt i made in June 2017 for Zeke

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