Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quilt for Natasha

My right beside me neighbour had her baby in December!
I made this quilt for her. 

 I love this pannel.

I have yet to meet the little guy as he has been hiding away from all the big people germs floating around!
But as soon as I am able- I will head over there!

Christmas 2012

(picture heavy post)
Every other year we head to Canada for Christmas. This was not one of those years.

This year we expected to be alone at Christmas. Just us and the kids.


at the last minute my parents and sisters were able to drive out to join us. I did a mad cleaning to get ready for them!

They arrived on Sunday night (23rd) about 6 pm and kept an eye on the weather in Ontario.
Tuesday night (25) they left around 6:45 pm to drive the 12 hours home before the storm arrived.

We had a wonderful short visit with them (and I still havent cleaned up after them!)

Clean house pre visitors:

Zeke's stuff from school

The Children loved having them here.

Christmas eve service
 Auntie Melissa
opening stockings

 Auntie Amanda
 Dog got a stocking

 present from Zeke from school

 Dolly for Abigail
 Camera for Zeke
 Amandas happy

 tired daddy out
 and Zekey too

you can see more here:

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Useless Box

My mom and dad got a present from my brother for Christmas. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Google Lenoir Christmas Party 2012

AKA- Awesome birthday party

Google had their annual Christmas Party this past Friday Night. It also happened to be my birthday. It was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

ok- it begins with a trip to Charlotte (1.5 hours away) where we get put up in a hotel less than a block from the restaurant.

An awesome friend (hi Kendra) hooks us up with a babysitter who came to our hotel room for us so we were able to actually go and stay overnight. Its one of the drawbacks to a nursing baby who doesnt take a bottle. It turned out great and I was able to feed her and put her to bed before we left. Zeke had a blast with the babysitter as well and they both slept in past 8am!

Dave and I get semi- gussied up and head over to the restaurant, Chima Brazilian Steakhouse.

Gauchos roam the dining room continuously offering exquisite churrasco of over 15 rotisserie meats including top sirloin, filet, ribs, lamb, pork, chicken, sausage and fish.
Chima's sumptuous salad bar blends Brazilian and American favorites from salads, cold cuts, cheeses, soup and traditional Brazilian hot dishes.

sounds good, eh?

It was a blast.

After dinner they had some gambling tables set up and they gave us $50 000 to start with.

We were to have fun with it.

I had never played any of the games offered so it was a fun learning experience. The people were very helpful.

You were then able to cash in $10 000 for a raffle ticket for some lovely prizes.

My friend Christina won the grand prize of a brand new TV!!

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh.... I almost forgot to mention another awesome thing.... Dave won the door prize of a $100 gift card to Chimas!!! whoohoo!!
that was a great Birthday Party/Present for me!!!

hey look- its a Kendra and Eric with us!

I really recommend you to click though and see the rest of these photos and tag people you know in them 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

new living room furniture

Dave and I have been talking about getting some new furniture for a long time but not really seriously. 
My parents were here and looking for some coffee tables etc. so I went with them and though about going and looking for ourselves, I mentioned it to Dave and put the bug in his ear. I wanted to just go look to see what was out there.

Saturday we went to a couple stores (we do live in the furniture capital of the US in NC) and ended up at a Broyhill outlet. 

We found Dave his man chair he wanted and a lovely red sofa couch and an arm chair. 
and bought them

excuse the mess- they called to say they were bringing the new stuff in 10 - 15 min!! our old stuff was recliners in the couch and both chairs (im standing by one)
This was the furniture we bought when we got married.
 our new stuff!~
much smaller 

 enjoying the new digs

 Daves man chair

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