Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Yanksgiving

UPDATE: I have hit over 1000 page views. I noticed this number today: 1,070 whoo hoo!!

Well its the American Thanksgiving. 
As Canadians we have already celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving back in October. We combined Zekes birthday with Thanksgiving and a non traditional meal of KFC

This Thanksgiving we were alone, just the 3 of us, but I wanted to make a yummy dinner anyways.

A turkey would be just too big so I got a chicken. 

I smothered it with canola oil ad sprinkled on some Thyme, Sage, Paprika, Onion powder, Pepper, a dash of Rosemary and I think thats it. 
I had read that baking a chicken breast down made more moister breast meat. 
Another thing I read was to put a 1/2 onion and garlic in the cavity to make it even tastier. So I did that too!

When I took it out of the oven I could see that the juices were sealed in the skin- I had to puncture the skin to get the juices to make gravy. 

This was one VERY tasty chicken -if I do say so myself.

Add glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, squash, stuffing, cream corn, gravy, and rolls and you get a feast!!

For dessert (an hour + later) we had chocolate cake and desert. 

I. am. full.

We have lots of leftovers for the next few days. Since Dave gets a 4 day weekend the extra lunches will make things easier. 

I have soo many things to be thankful for this year:
God - He's Awesome to provide all these blessings
Dave- a great husband and dad (and blogger)
Zeke- cute and pretty good too!
my family
my friends
my house

and soo much more!

I keep thinking of the lyrics "every blessing you pour out I turn back to praise"


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

That was indeed a fantastically delicious meal. I approve.

Kendra said...

Looks delicious! Clearly it was - Dave has already told you so in the comments :)

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