Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first blood

Well it happened- Zeke finally caused himself to bleed.

Actually thats not completely true. A while back he was just learning to sit and fell forward hitting his tooth off a cement floor (covered by a small quilt) and bled then.

But this was a walking Zeke.

Today we were at a Baby Time Play Group. There were about 10 babies there ranging from 6 weeks to 20 months.

Zeke was being nice to most and not crawling/walking all over them- which is excellent if you know toddlers.

He went over to join the older ladies (by that I mean the two 20 month olds) at the kid sized table and chairs in the kitchen area of the room. Zeke was standing there chewing on some plastic food (I think it was a hamburger) for a while and all of a sudden - boom.

Zeke had fallen straight down into a sitting position as he normally does. But to accomplish this feat he slightly leans forward as hes falling which caused him to bump off the table. He started to SCREAM. I have never heard that scream from him before. Not even if we pinch his skin in a buckle.

I had seen him fall and was just 2 steps from picking him up.

So I grabbed him and he was holding his hands to his mouth with the hamburger still in his hands.
I started to see a bit of blood so I took him in search of a bathroom with paper towels. We found a kitchenette and that was good enough. I just grabbed some paper towels and turned on the cold water. I tried to get him to suck on it or at least get it in his mouth. He wasnt having anything to do with me but he let me put it in after a bit. Three paper towels later (wet ones dont soak up the blood as much as dry ones) and the bleeding was slowing down.

He sat on my lap and snuggled for a bit. In about 8 minutes Zeke was back to playing (a bit slower) and soon ate a banana. (oh and he still had his hamburger toy)

 Im proud of him that he got over it quickly enough. He has a bit of a fat lip- but nothing to serious.

Not bad for his first big boo boo

And if you dont know me that well- I'm fine with blood so I wasnt shaken up or anything.

Do you have any first aid tricks up your sleeve?

Hint that I have heard- Use red or dark coloured cloth to soak up blood because the kid wont see it and freak out and neither will mommy if you are apt to freak out.


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