Sunday, September 26, 2010

in other related news

I have switched the guest room around. I now have room for a table in there for my sewing so I dont have to take up the dining room table.

It means a bit less room to get around the other side of the bed. But I'm here longer then guests :P
I can take out the table when guests come and pack up my supplies and I have a lot of floor space available.
three shelves of quilting so far

I also moved some of my fabric stash into there.

to go though (including some that is moving on)

Upper shelf L-R - car mats, boy fat quarters with cars and trucks, completed quilt tops
Middle shelf - fabric I love. Ikea bolts (from the kids section) in the back,
Front L-R - Fat quarters inc. winter themes, scraps, bee fabric on bottom of stack, crayon quilt fabric in middle and random rolls on top, larger pieces of fabric with a Noah's ark on top.
bottom Shelf- batting, extra thread etc, books


Kendra said...

Yay for a space where you can do your work!!! Oh how I miss that! It looks great, and you're right - guests are there much less time than you are. On a side note, guests at our house sleep in the living room, so I guess they are technically sleeping in my work space too? hehe :)

Dallas said...

That's a great large table to work on! And nice that you can lay your quilts out on the guest bed too. I store my sewing supplies in our bedroom, but move it out into the kitchen when I work. The kitchen has better daylight, and a view of the TV. :)

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