Sunday, November 14, 2010

looking for Tupperware in the woods

Saturday afternoon was a rare day. Both Dave and I had no plans. (well I had morning plans)
By 3pm Dave and I were both ready to head out and go somewhere. 
We were not sure where but we decided to go geocaching since it was so beautiful (Zeke and I were playing outside anyway)

Our first stop on the way to Wilkesboro was Moravian Falls.
 There was this nice falls and mill there

Next up was Wilkes Community College. They had a nice playground there for Zeke and I to play in while Dave went looking for the cache

Zeke even tried to climb up the slide and almost made it too

After some playing we went to a nearby park. They had Box Stock Car races. (RC cars)

 We watched a kids class race.

 Zeke got a first class ride

and enjoyed chewing on daddy's head

gotta love the baby but crack!

pulling off the hat 

It was a very successful day. 5 caches looked for and found!

I think this is a hobby that we will continue as Zeke grows up.


Kendra said...

So fun! I've never been geocaching, but I heard I would love it! So glad you guys had a good time.

Debbie said...

I think you would enjoy it too!
next time we come up to visit we will have to take you.

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