Monday, November 22, 2010

our whirlwind adventure part 2

you can find part 1 here

So Sunday morning dawns bright and early for us. We are still on Eastern time so we wake up at 8 (which is 7 in Nashville) We take our time (a bit) in going to eat breakfast. We let Zeke do a lot of walking in hopes of tiring him out. Besides how much trouble can you get in a hotel hallway?

going to find breakfast
Once we get all packed up our plan is to to the Grand Ole Opry to see what we can see. 
We pass a park and I say to Dave- "I bet there is a Cache in there." This gets Dave a thinking and we turn around.

On the way back to the car we see this hawk watching for its prey. As we watched we saw it dive into the bush behind it and grab a small bird.

 A few more caches later we arrived at the Grand Ole Opry at just before 10 am. It was Time for Zeke to have something to eat but the Opry didnt look like it was open to the public.
I should also note here that this is where there was a lot of flooding in Nashville a few months back. The mall that it is right beside is still closed but the Bass Pro Shop just opened.
Back to the Opry- Dave walked around as I fed Zeke and was looking like we were not going to be able to see it.
But at 10 am the gates opened up (Dave missed the sign that said gates open at 10.) Im glad that we did the geocaches first since this put us here at the right time.

The Opry has a beautiful courtyard area! There are a few more pictures in the album below.

After the Opry we went to go to the Gaylord Opryland (some resort or something) because I had seen a huge white Nativity scene from the highway just before we got off to see the Grand Ole Opry. 

From there we did another couple caches getting 5 in total Sunday and 2 on Saturday.
where is it?
 I cannot say how pleased Dave and I were with how well Zeke traveled! He spent a lot of time sleeping or playing by himself. There were a few fussy moments (and they were not much at all) when we knew it was time to stop. We had him timed out pretty good.
common mom
We left Nashville at 1pm (grabbing McD's to go) and arrived home at 7pm. Zeke stayed awake until 8 (not a surprise since he was up late the day before and slept a lot in the car)

I think both Dave and I slept well last night as well!

Daves blog about the trip is here and his post about the concert is here

now here is the rest of the photos:


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