Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trunk or Treat

We had a very busy weekend.

Friday morning Zeke and I went to Baby Time in Hickory, where the babies dressed up in costume. It was really cute to see!

Friday afternoon we went to the downtown Trick or Treat. Most of the stores had someone sitting outside their store handing out candy. We got there a bit late due to Zekes nap (started at 3 and we were there at 3:30) and the lines were LONG!

We were dressed as a Princess and a Frog.

Zeke seemed to like his costume. Well at least he wasnt pulling at the hood trying to get it off.

Saturday Zeke and I went trick or treating to our friends houses. We only made it to 3 friends (one wasnt home, another one sleeping) before we were invited in to play.

Zeke loved playing with the Bast's 4 children so much that we stayed an hour!
That was it for trick or treating that night!

That brings us to Sunday- Halloween!
I had seen a sign advertising a Trunk or Treat at the nearby church. I had to ask someone what that was.
It is a location where cars come, open their trunk and give candy out there. The benefits are great for a parent. There are no cars moving where the kids are treating and you get quite a few in one stop.
Dave came with us to this and I think it wasnt horrible for him. This might be something to get involved in since we get less than 10 people to our house for Halloween and I really like dressing up and handing out candy.


Kendra said...

Awww - I wish they did trunk or treat around here! We looked EVERYWHERE and no one had even ever heard of it. Guess what I'm going to organize at our local park next year? :) Costumes look awesome, Debbie!

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