Saturday, March 10, 2012

RIP Sewing Machine

AKA- How I Got Started Quilting.

My Brother (but I feel like she is more of a sister) and I have been together ever since I started quilting.

I started going to a quilt class with a friend and needed a machine to take with me. I wasnt sure if I would be doing a lot of quilting or not so I just went to walmart and got their mid-high priced machine. 

I spent under $100 at the time for her. 

I found out shortly after starting the class that I was pregnant. This would have been Jan/Feb 2009. So I have been quilting for 3 years. 

I continued taking classes throughout my pregnancy right up to the week before my due date. 

I learned a lot from Mary Beth at Mary Beths Quilting Patch in Lenoir but didnt have time to go in to classes after Zeke was born. The basics were wonderful to learn from her (although I have slipped up and cheated after a while)

That is when I started to follow a lot more blogs. I didnt start using my own blog for quilting topics until April 2010.  I found the quilting community online to give me plenty ideas on how to make my own quilts without going in for lessons. 

She has given me 3 solid years and many quilts. 
She has even been stress relief at times. 

here are the quilts that I have made with this machine.

I was sewing on her and trying to get a baby quilt done before a babyshower and all of a sudden she started making a weird noise and the needle stopped going up and down. The hand turning thing also was very hard to move. She had seized up!


I needed this quilt to be done! It turns out that the mommy was put on bed rest so we couldnt have the shower anyway. But I still wanted it to get done as well as the other 3 that I had lined up (1 for a class, 1 is a challenge quilt, and I should probably make one for my own expected child eh?)

I took her to a sewing machine repair person. The service fee was $75. Since I paid not much more than that for her I wasnt willing to pay to have her looked at. 

I started looking at the machines that they had there. I was glad I was thinking of getting a new machine at some point so I was saving up. I was very glad because that ment I could get one with the features that I wanted. 

Please meet Janome. 

I have already been working with her and she is a pleasure to work with. 

I look forward to many more years with her. 


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Welcome to the family Janome... you got some big shoes to fill.

Debbie said...

Welcome Janome! lol
So sorry about the Broken machine but as you said - she lived a good life. Can't wait to see more of your projects.

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