Monday, January 31, 2011

stress relief


what a day.

It was mostly a good day except for one thing that affected the whole day.

                         Zeke did not nap.

Friday he napped 5 hours(more than his usual 2-3)

Saturday he took a 20 min nap during a walk.

Sunday he tool about 40 min after church

Monday(today) nothing.

Ok- so he is continuing with his 12-13 hour nights (been like that for a long time) but he is only 15 months old- he should still be napping.

I know, I know mom. Mom tells me that I gave up naps shortly after a year.
but Zeke was doing so well.

I got a lot of errands done this morning. This afternoon I maintained my sanity with the movie Cars with Zeke on my lap for a bit of it. I am lucky that he will go play on his own- he just likes to be near me.

The afternoon was a lot of fussy baby time due to not wanting to nap and being tired. Everything was affecting him. I am so glad that when he gets tired he gets giddy first!

I got supper in the oven even tonight. That and the errands were my accomplishment today.

Zeke went down easily for bed tonight!

Then it was mommy stress relief time!

First I read my blog list.

Then I headed over to the craft/spare/store room.

With a handful of chocolate from Aldi

Where I had a lot of Half Square triangles waiting to be sewn together. (I had the first triangles made with help from Thangles)

I then sewed them into Pin Wheels

This one had perfect points! (a few did not)
 My Sewing table- See my papers taped to the wall- they are how I figured out my MILs quilt.
 How I worked out this block
 I only have 1/2 (of the 40) of the blue pinwheels I need and I only have 5 of the 40 red ones.
 Look- Its seems like Im kinda organized this time around.
That candle made its way there thanks to my son. I had tried working in here during the day- and I didnt get much done with a Zeke following me :)

Now I think I will finish up with a glass of wine in a bubble bath with a book.

The book? The Girlfriends Guide to Toddlers :)

How do you get your stress release?


jennyflowerblue said...

It is killer when they don't sleep! I think you have the right idea with a snuggle on the sofa and a sneaky few chocs! xx

Girltwin64 said...

Love your quilt that your working on! Very pretty! It's been a log time since I had a child I had to nap as I have 5 grandchildren but I do know that is why you have them at a younger age as ther eis no way I could do it now! I need my own naps now! LOL

Deb said...

Glad you got some time to recharge! Naps for us are so much harder than bedtime. Keep trying - he needs that sleep!

Oh - and can I be next to read that book when you've finished it?

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