Friday, March 16, 2012

Christina's baby quilt

Christina is 3 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy.

She came over one day after I told her I would be making her a baby quilt. We sat down together and went though my fabric stash. I have only known her since Sept? so I wasn't totally sure about what colours she would like. 

She picked out a pannel that she liked and I had matching fabric for it. 

At first I thought about cheating and just making it with a piece of fabric on the back and the pannel on the front- but she wanted a pieced quilt from me.

see the water drops? Im glad it wasnt raining when I wanted to take the picture
 So I went to my fabric that I had to match it and planned out a quilt.
When I measured the remaining fabric from this other baby quilt, I realized I didn't have enough to do the original plan. So I modified it by adding plain blocks beween the pieced blocks.

The plain blocks are not very plain as it was a busy print.

I liked how it turned out with the colours surrounding the blocks.

So this was the quilt I was working on when my machine bit the dust. but before that even happened Christina was put on bed rest and her shower had to be cancelled!
She is now off bed rest since she reached 37 weeks.

Christina was so happy to get it!



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