Friday, March 16, 2012

my first bag

I have a craft group that tries to meet each friday. It doesn't always happen. 

We are very informal. Really its just a reason to get together and eat some yummy foods that people bring. 
Everyone brings their own craft.  Most of the time people bring knitting or crochet. Its not easy for me to bring my quilting- but sometimes I lug my machine around. 

Last night I had a quilt guild meeting and workshop on how to use the "twister ruler" (more on that after the quilt is done) so I had my machine in the back of the van. 
This was perfect since one of the ladies - Emily- offered to teach a couple of us how to make bags/ put in zippers. 
I hauled out my machine and all my paraphernalia (which isnt that bad) so we had 2 machines and a serger to use.

This is what I made:

its a small pouch 7x6.5.

I figured out how to make it so the print remained directional as well.

I had never made anything with a zipper before- so this is my first attempt- and I think it turned out pretty good.

and the back:

Thank you so much Emily!


Pokey said...

That's a very cute bag for your first one! I liked how your last quilt turned out, too. Sorry, time seems to be out of my reach for saying hi these days. Blessings ~

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