Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leo Arrived!

Guess who was on my door step nice and fresh from his trip from NY with Patty?

Its LEO!!

If you want to read more about Leo's trips so far go check out Deb's blog at McCormik Maddness

I was pleased to see Leo came with an air freshener (being in a box can make you a bit stinky!)

He also came with a supply of candy that he didnt eat on the way here.
I may have to snag one or two for me my son.

We are looking forward to our adventures with Leo over the next couple weeks.

He may even get to celebrate Zeke's second birthday if he behaves decides to stick around a bit longer.


Debbie said...

YAY! glad to see he made it in one piece, and brought along some treats from NY. Can't wait to follow along with this visit.

Patty said...

Our house feels so empty now, without Leo. Reminds me of when our oldest left for college; we're going through that "empty nest" thing, all over again!

Who would have thunk that one little green sock monkey could have left such an impression?

He also left his room a mess....

Unknown said...

LOL! Can't wait to see Leo's antics!

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