Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leo's vacation to Myrtle Beach

When Leo arrived at our door he was a bit tired from all the traveling he was doing. 
He sounded very happy that we were going to take a vacation to Myrtle Beach. 

Our bags were packed and look who wanted to come along for the ride!

AS soon as we got there the little monkey choose the top bunk! 

Yay!!! we are at the beach!

Got to go eat at the all you can eat sea food buffets!

hanging out on the beach

luckily he doesnt burn!

nice and close to the water (but not too close!)

there- that feels safer!!

Dave and I then headed out for the night and thought it would be nice if Leo came along to Broadway at the Beach.

First thing he does is run off and get himself in trouble!!

we promised the dinosaur some sweets if he let go of Leo. Thankfully he agreed!

The bag of sugar was NOT for Leo!!

we saw this bird :)

and some Celebrities!

not sure were Alvin was though. 

We fed the fish! someone tossed in a bag of pink popcorn.

taking a break

I go off the bathroom and come back to find leo munching on my pretzel!

our view from the 6th floor

The morning we left it dawned nice and clear

one of our stops included the Largest Flowering Dogwood in NC

Taking a rest stop while Daddy was geocaching

Thanks for coming along on the ride!!

Ps- if you want to read about Leos previous adventures you can find them here or you can join in the fun here


Debbie said...

awwwww - this is awesome. And these pictures are great! A lot of them cracked me up, like the one in the dinosaur teeth. lol
Can't wait to see more of your visit.

Laura said...

It looks like Leo had fun. And is quite mischievous.

Kathy said...

Funny post! That Leo sure enjoyed himself on your vacation. LOL

Pokey said...

Yea for friends who come along on our road trips-it sure makes it fun!

Patty said...

Loved this!

Leo on the quilt was like "Where's Waldo?"...I had to look twice!

He's definitely a handful, a real party monkey wherever he goes. When he left NY, he was pissy over not getting to a Yankee game. By the time his travels are over, Leo will be one, very spoiled, monkey.

Great post Debbie!

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