Wednesday, April 6, 2011


have you ever had one of THOSE quilts?

one that tries to make your life very difficult.

the machine tries to eat your fabric.

the thread breaks.

tension is adjusted.

fabric puckers.

points dont match.

and you cut the fabric wrong.

Luckily for me I over estimated how much I needed. And I mean OVER estimated!
these are the extra pins wheels I have made!! extra!!

Heres what happened. 
see that 80 on the blue HST?

Somewhere in my thinking it meant that I needed 80 Pinwheels. That meant 40 red and 40 blue.

In reality (and I figures it out today) it meant 80 Half Square Triangles!! ONLY 20 pinwheels were needed. (10 of each colour)

I had made 25 red and 20 blue pinwheels so far.

I also had the fabric cut to make more!
(I am using Thangles to make the HST)
I have a lot of 3.5 inch cut fabric now.

This is how the quilt is looking so far. 

My MIL want the pattern on just the top of the bed and plain on the overhanging sides.

I am over 1/2 done with the pinwheels then its on to sashing. The fabric they are laying on will be the sashing and the sides and the back. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Rest assured - you are not alone with any of the things on your list. We have all been there, done that. You have a very pretty quilt in the process.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I hate times like that but luckily they don't seem to last forever - even if it seems like it. Your quilt is going to be beautiful!

Pokey said...

Hey, sounds like you are making two quilts! It's okay, quilting is a learning thing, most definitely!
ps, loved the vacation posts ~

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