Friday, July 22, 2011

Dave's moms quilt top finished

Remember THAT quilt that I was having issues with? well i finally got the top done.

I need to look for material for the backing and how to fit it together (length-ways or not).

My mother in law asked for a pattern (that we picked out) just on the top and plain sides. the top needed to be 62x81.

As you can see my ikea bed is not quite that big!

I had to go put it on my own bed (please ignore the cluttered night tables

of course some blocks are better than others and some points are much sharper... but Im happy it looks this good considering the trouble it was giving me earlier.

Now who has a good sham pillow cover tutorial?


Pokey said...

Looks like a success to me, Debbie! You have done yourself proud. And isn't learning, and getting more accomplished part of the process? There are many quilters out there who have yet to tackle these angles!
Good job ~

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