Monday, May 23, 2011

Our 3 week Road trip Summery

As promised, here is a summery of our trip and links to Dave's posts that he wrote each night

Day 1, April 16th:
Left home and arrived in Birmingham, Alabama (about a week before the tornado- God is awesome for small blessings!!)
We had some stops in Tennessee
Dave's Blog: Sweet Home Alabama 

Day 2, April 17th:
Birmingham Alabama to Vicksburg Mississippi.
Vicksburg is very pretty- I would go back to that town to explore it some more.

Day 3, April 18th:
Vicksburg MS to  Russellville AR.
We did a stop in Little Rock at the Clinton Library.

Day 4, April 19th:
Russellville Arkansas to Shamrock TX
We went though Oklahoma City and some driving on Route 66. Oklahoma had the most construction that we drove though.
Dave's Blog: Oklahoma, OK!

Day 5, April 20th:
Shamrock TX to Albuquerque NM
We did a lot of Geocaching this day including the Cadillac Ranch and some along Route 66.
Dave's Blog: Route 66

Day 6, April 21st:
Day spent in Albuquerque.
Went to the Very Large Array, saw some Petroglyph's and Old Town

Day 7, April 22nd:
Albuquerque New Mexico to Flagstaff Arizona.
National Parks (Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.) We saw a meteor crater and stood on a corner in Winslow AZ.
Dave's Blog: Desert Rocks

Day 8, April 23rd:
Day spent with a sick baby, laundry, a trip to the ER and Dave getting sick.
Dave's Blog: Illness and Fatigue 

Day 9, April 24th:
Day at the Grand Canyon- VERY awesome.
Dave's Blog: Ain't it Grand

Day 10, April 25th:
Day trip to Phoenix AZ for quilting things and Daves most favourite cache
Dave's Blog: Phoenix

Day 11, April 26th:
From Flagstaff, AZ to Las Vegas, NV
A bit of a rant about the Hover Dam pet policy.
Dave's Blog: The Hover Maneuver 

Day 12, April 27th:
A day in Vegas.
We explore the strip in the day and Zeke takes a LONG nap and we stay out til 10 pm
Dave's Blog: Viva Rock Vegas

Day 13&14, April 28 & 29:
Las Vegas, NV to Albuquerque, NM to Colorado Springs, CO.
Travel days to get to Colorado Springs
Dave's Blog: Race to Colorado

Day 15&16&17, April 30, May 1 and May 2nd
In Colorado Springs, CO
Visiting my Friend KC and their 3 kids.
Dave's Blog: Garden of the Gods

Day 18, May 3rd:
Colorado Springs, CO to Salina KS
Stops at a HUGE Van Gogh, oldest active geocache, and Cathedral of the Plains
Dave's Blog: Go East Young Man

Day 19 and 20, May 4th and 5th:
Salina KS to O'Fallon MO to Lexington KY
Many geocaches, Multiple states, an arch and soon to be home
Dave's Blog: 100th Meridian

Day 21, May 6th:
Lexington, KY to HOME in NC!!! Asheville
A stop to see Colonel Sanders and a cache in Ashville.
Link to all of Dave's pictures included and the stats of our trip.
Dave's Blog: Homecoming 

So there you have it- A quick summery of our vacation.
again- here is the post I did when we got back and how Zeke traveled.


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