Tuesday, May 10, 2011

our little traveler

AKA: How our 18 month old traveled on our 3 week, 6000+ mile road trip.

So how did he do?

REALLY well!

He did a great job of entertaining himself. 

We brought along new toys and TONS of snacks. 
One of the snacks that we brought was applesauce in a pouch. This was great as he loves to drink from a straw and doesnt squeeze it. We also brought lots of baby granola bars.
We brought toys that he had not played with before or in a long time. He also liked to look at books. 

We also stopped for many breaks and kept driving while he was sleeping.

I also had to keep in mind that his schedule would be out of wack. We were also changing time zones that messed him up but most of the time he was in bed by 8pm local time. (normal is 7-7:30.)

The best thing was when we got a suite. Totally worth the money. 
Dave also made a PVC pipe barrier that we put a sheet over to block his view of us for the times we didnt have a suite or when we wanted him to sleep in.

oh and we also kept our days to less than 8 hours drive time. Average was 6.5 hours driving but with all the stops it was about 9 hours average from start to stop. We would leave the hotel by 9 and get to the next one about 6.

and now for the pictures of Zeke:

hats are great play things

poor little guy was getting sick

poor kid

sleepy baby with snack in hand

feeling better

stealing my smoothie

new toy

feet are great play things

here is a link http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/14778398 to a video about traveling with your baby in the summer. They get going about 15 minutes in.


Shannon said...

He is so cute. You had great luck with him in the car for so long.

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