Saturday, May 7, 2011


did you miss me?
I missed posting and reading the comments for sure.

I was gone for 3 weeks on a road trip with my family. We started in North Carolina and made our way west to the Grand Canyon and Vegas. We also spent time with a friend in Colorado Springs.

I was unable to post as we didnt want to advertise we were gone.
I wont be posting much about this trip either as my husband is posting a blog for each day we were gone. You should really go over to and follow him. He has a great writing style.

I do have to say that it went incredibly well! Both Zeke and the dog were great.

I am posting the photos below- If you want, you can comment on them individually in Picassa (click over)
I will be posting a summery and links to Dave's posts  at the end of the 3 weeks of posts he has :)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the slide show and would love it better if I knew how you did it. Just a great way to view things. The babe is getting so big!

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