Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook homemade challenge #5

This is it!
 I have completed my Facebook challenge in less than 3 months! (I did have them done and mailed by 2 but just posting the last one now)

Back in January I decided to do the Facebook Homemade Challenge.

I have already posted
#1 for Paula
# 2 for Leslie
# 3 for Kendra

#4 for Debb

This was for a facebook friend I didnt know very well, Brittany from Inspired Life Photography.
She took pictures of Zeke once and for those who received our Christmas card- She was the one who took that Photo.

Her request was black, white, and yellow. 
So I asked if she liked bees. She said yes!

Can you see the mistake in the black quilting in the bottom one?

Looking at it now-  I should have used a higher contrast yellow from the bee fabric instead of a matching one. 
Oh well!


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