Thursday, March 10, 2011

Box of Awesomeness!

I got some wonderful mail today!!

So exciting!

First in the envelope was a surprise!
Dave got me these lovely black and white jelly roll (although its 20 strips) and it came with 2 free patterns. 
I hinted to him that if he didnt want to get me flowers he could get me some this ways and sent him an ebay link to this. 
Isn't he sweet?

Next up was the box. I got this from
(its a deal a day site and once in a while they have a random box. The best way to find out is to follow them on facebook. They are in Canada so they try to get a lot of Canadian stuff.)
It was a "Box of Awesomeness." I spent $50 for a box of stuff I didnt know what I would receive. I gave them a few hints with the age of my son, size and gender etc. 
2 Melissa and Doug puzzles (one farm animals and babies and one jungle animals and babies)
Melissa and Doug farm Sound Blocks
D&K monkey hat
Snack Trap
goo goo baby reversible cuddle blanket
ambulance baby spoon

Im so excited for all this stuff! Zeke loves to play with his friends animal sound blocks and peg puzzles.
And those snack traps look great and I didnt have any!

I had won a baby photo contest from their Facebook Page.
I entered this photo (below) and won for  UNIQUE USE OF A HEIST and received a tie and Snack Trap

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